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The technique heightens the detail produced by the scanner, which generally renders sharper images than his camera does.
The more connections you have the sharper your brain is and the more creative you get.
His clarity and focus over the past couple of months were sharper than they had ever been.
If that holds true, colleges could see an even sharper drop-off in the percentage of alumni who make donations.
Power and violence, a larger club or sharper sword, as if the ability to incinerate whole cities is an admirable pursuit.
The teeth got longer, if not all that much sharper, as the culture war intensified.
The contrast between the candidates is even sharper with respect to the third branch of government.
The edges of the lower mandible are serrated with teeth much more prominent, coarser, and sharper than in the duck.
People with sharper senses of smell really have a nose for relating to others' emotions, new research suggests.
The brain cherry-picks what people remember during sleep, resulting in sharper and clearer thinking, a new study suggests.
The motion of pushing the shutter often blurs the first frame but the second and third frames are much sharper.
The second snap yielded the sharper image that's become famous, so a minute's attention was involved.
It is never made sharper by forgetting or more poignant by unexpected remembrance.
The sharper views also allow scientists to more accurately identify objects and pieces of hardware that were left on the moon.
Taking the herbal supplement for six years did not keep older adults any sharper.
The resolution of the information is often sharper than that in other proxies, such as ocean sediments.
Add more pigments or more cells, and the vision becomes sharper.
Less attention has been paid to an even sharper paradox.
The quake was a series of rolling waves, each sharper than the next.
Shrill or sudden noises are getting painfully sharper-but that's all right, because you're getting deafer.
Eyes and cameras both have lenses that adjust the path of the incoming light to bring an image into sharper focus.
Specific elements of history will come into sharper focus.
The stronger the selection, the sharper the fitness gradient.
It might also be that the tracking movement was vertical within the image, but it still looks sharper than the others.
In broad strokes the picture is unchanged, but in the finer grained shadings different details come into sharper relief.
One loses a sample she thought was hers to another whose elbows were sharper.
At the same time, the macaque genome promised to bring human evolution into sharper focus.
We notice only the shorter, sharper shivers from earthquakes, the type that rattle foundations.
Hosts develop sharper recognitions skills and cuckoos develop more strikingly matched eggs.
The better practiced you are, the sharper the photographs.
For my taste some could so with a little more crispness and sharper detail.
Detail in an image is better resolution to make the image sharper or to display more distinct individual elements.
Progressive-scan players scan twice the number of horizontal lines as a standard interlaced player, producing a sharper picture.
He was roughly treated in the selection process, probably on the instructions of those who fear courts with sharper teeth.
And shoppers are sharper, as squeezed budgets encourage bargain-hunting.
And these days, there is a sharper objection: policies that deepen religious divisions can be dangerous.
Economic policy undoubtedly helped to stave off a sharper downturn.
Others make your eyesight sharper, your hair shinier and your nails glossier.
Its downturn has certainly been sharper than if the government had spent more to keep people working.
The police credit community work, more foot patrols, extra vehicles and sharper investigations.
More pixels would have provided a sharper picture, but would also have required more power to illuminate them.
If anything, his voice is sharper and more far-reaching than ever.
Everyone wants a better body, a sharper mind, or both.
More pixels per square inch generally means a sharper picture for movie-watching and clearer text for reading.
But her confidence has grown, and her public statements are sharper.
And as the game began rebuilding its domestic appeal, a handful of chairmen with a sharper eye for profits made a bold move.
One method might be to write diagnostic criteria for depression that are sharper than the loose catalog of symptoms used today.
The intersections of these fractures can form edges sharper than the finest steel blades.

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