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Not one more shard of ice need melt to make this a reality.
The claims that do survive the skeptical scrutiny of the tribe get to take their place in the shard body of scientific knowledge.
She felt sure that a shard of hers had gone missing.
The impeccably made lion holds a little diamond shard in his fierce mouth.
Then a shard of slate ricocheted loudly against the range.
Silver's foot, was a shard of ancient pottery with traces of paint still on it.
Some player or fan is going to get a shard through the heart within the next year or two.
In a larger, newer church adjacent, a shard of pale bone no bigger than a thumbnail lies in a golden reliquary.
It was a fraction of his lifetime, after all, a shard of what he knew.
The helicopter dances over the ice fjord toward the tongue of the glacier, the spot where it begins to shard off.
Try it with a scissored shard of the candied pigskin.
Sometimes it's a shard of pottery, part of a tool, a piece of jewelry.
The shard formation is a balance of freezing and evaporation.

Famous quotes containing the word shard

Ere the bat hath flown His cloistered flight, ere to black Hecate's summons The shard-born beetle with his ... more
But neither milk-white rose nor red May bloom in prison air; The shard, the pebble, and the flint, Are what... more
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