shackle in a sentence

Example sentences for shackle

The hand-wound armature is the size of an ankle shackle, built to last centuries.
In this case, the ends of handlebars come off and are joined together onto a single hoop-shaped shackle.
The players were told to report to a parking lot, where t hey were loaded onto a ram-shackle bus wit h blacked-out windows.
It means that color need not shackle the cinema, but may give it fuller expression.
Corporations today shackle and stifle workers by denying them and their communities adequate compensation.
After cutting the roof plates loose with a torch, they would cut a hole to fit the shackle and then attach the steel choker.
Clips or pads of ample size shall be welded to the plate to receive the shackle pins when there are no holes in the plate.
The loop was closed by connecting the eye of the end termination to the line with a shackle.
They attached a synthetic strap with a shackle to pull the forklift and turn it upright.
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