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The conventional wisdom is that it will be sequestered underground.
Coal stations would be permitted if their emissions could be sequestered underground.
But it's not because they're sequestered in a rural area.
Also, the jury is not sequestered until deliberations, opening them to the inflated media coverage of a trial.
He sequestered her in his hole, and they immediately curled up together and started a courtship.
And computer use at home, of course, is not restricted unless a jury is sequestered.
So a relatively small proportion eventually winds up as being sequestered.
Jurors in those cases could avoid being sequestered only with the agreement of the judge and all parties to the case.
Only a small, sequestered breeding stock is allowed to remain diploid.
If he does not do so his citizenship rights will be suspended and his properly and holdings will be sequestered.
The jurors adjourned without reaching a verdict tonight and were sequestered.
Wellheads check the temperature and pressure of the sequestered gas.
They have sequestered themselves from the group even though it means delaying their ascent.
No matter how sequestered, they are impressed with public expectations.
Sequestered inside these structures, the bacteria settle into a largely inactive state.
He speculates that its primary driver may be overweight and obesity, because estrogen is sequestered in fat tissue.
It was sequestered, for six months, from those who would intrude.
The captured greenhouse gases can then be sequestered underground where they can't contribute to atmospheric warming.
The jury had been sequestered in a hotel, as was the custom at the time, for over two weeks.
Yet, sequestered as the valley is and must always have been, it is not wholly deserted.
It's unknown, the amount of methane that has been released from previously sequestered sources.
The well is releasing sequestered methane that has been in place for millions of years.
On the other hand, using long sequestered fuels heats things up.

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