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In which a marine scholar uses science and charm to sound the alarm about the state of the coasts.
Then, the scholar who was showing off his work asked where the duo was from.
Sharp is not the first scholar to offer this insight.
Its lineage dates back as far as the individual scholar chooses to track it.
He is not the only scholar to stress the limits of tolerance alone as an ideal.
Another scholar, however, disputed the significance of the discovery.
Low down on the great scholar's mantle is a small white patch where the paint has chipped away.
Or, in a familiar campus dynamic, a scholar in one area may consult a scholar in another for collaboration.
In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, emblem-books were a recognised recreation to the scholar.
The first thing a scholar does is to establish resolution.
But the simple, self-distrusting mind of the scholar and writer wished to make no pose, and sought after no display.
The first thing naturally when one enters a scholar's study or library, is to look at his books.
Toland was a scholar, and boasted acquaintance with more than ten languages.
He attained considerable eminence as a preacher, but still more as a scholar.
Although a brilliant scholar, he had an unfortunate personality.
First, he is a true scholar, knowing his subject inside out and persuaded of its inherent worth.
As a foreigner, and a kind of amateur scholar, he sees in art works what professional academics and natives do not.

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