salamander in a sentence

Example sentences for salamander

Go underground and meet this salamander that's both large and common, yet so secretive it's rarely seen.
The park is the perfect place for salamander lovers especially.
It isn't quite salamander territory, but it's astonishingly close.
Immediately she sleeps with her boyfriend and, the next day, gives birth to a radioactive salamander.
So dollars spent on the charismatic panda can have an equally beneficial effect on the obscure giant salamander.
Next he wants to tackle something more complicated, such as a scuttling salamander or a gliding manta ray.
In winter, gardeners had to crank down all the vents and bring in the salamander heaters.
We have more salamander species than any place on the planet.
When a salamander loses a leg, specialized epithelial cells cover the wound, forming a multilayered structure.
That's because the species' main predator, the marbled salamander, is limited in the size of prey it can swallow.
But if what's under your particular rock isn't a salamander, there's no point trying to turn it into one.
Insects and other small invertebrate animals comprise the bulk of salamander and adult frog diets.
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