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One big factor is not working full time, year round.
Finalists sit on stage during the first championship elimination round.
They need a neck to be able to turn their head and look round without moving all four limbs.
In this model, each round of existence-each cycle from one collision to the next-stretches about a trillion years.
The property has a round pool made out of a steel stock tank, and the beach is a five-minute walk away.
We're working on round two of our graduate student ethnography project.
The mobile-telephone business is being transformed by a fresh round of mergers.
They are generally round but stretch longer along one axis than along the other.
Surface tension pulls the beads into their distinctive round shape.
We are entering a round orbit phase, but extinctions implied by this study may not begin for tens of thousands of years.
Chartreuse or lime green flowers in dense, round to cylindrical clusters appear in late winter, early spring.
Conservation of angular momentum with a bullet hitting a merry go round.
Sails raised, colors gleaming, they round up prey.
The energy round trip wastes a lot of the efficiency, too.
It was, quite literally, the beep heard round the world.
Round clusters of small white flowers appear all along bare branches in early spring.
In other words, it would be the ultimate sniper round.
The round ones are in hydrostatic equilibrium, meaning they have enough self-gravity to have pulled themselves into a round shape.
Reaching a wall, she lies down on her belly and crawls on her elbows to get round it.
Round headed but with horizontally tiered branches in age.
He then let off a final round to knock the enemy weapon out of action.
Astronomers will need more detailed observations to determine if any of the newfound objects are truly round.
Round out your party table with a tomato and garbanzo bean salad flavored with onion, ginger, and cilantro.
Last night's airing was the first of three, and it covered only the first round of the first game.
But, the scores shift from round to round, so focus on the percentile.
Once the polls close, the top three vote-getters will move to round two, where things get interesting.
However, the journal didn't send out the article for a round of reviews.
Nowadays even moderately well-off students often take a break between school and university to go round the world.
Click on the head next to the best argument in each round.
No, there is no excuse for a demand for official records on the first round of application.
Instead of launching drift nets or putting out a rod and line, fishermen round up the tuna in a shallow pool.
After the game was over, the participants were asked which of the other players they would be willing to have another round with.
One could see round objects which were obviously plant cells.
But it's unclear if anything will result from this latest round of regulatory review.
So people have long been looking for other ways round the problem.
People prefer big objects to small ones, round forms to sharp ones and complex designs to simpler renditions.
Agencies typically look for people with expertise in the field of activity that a given round of proposals will support.
Another round of tax cuts for the wealthy should prevent that.
All kinds have attractive year round foliage and clusters of small white, pink, or rose purple flowers in spring.
Redundancy and decentralization are our friends, and the enemies of tyrants and monopolies the world round.
We found one in archery, which takes the form of a small watermelon sitting on a cliff in the round pictured above.
Round out the menu with edamame and spinach and noodle salads.
Pebbles are too smooth and round to make a suitable paving if left free to roll around.
Creamy and round, with sensational vanilla and apple spice cake flavors.
Unless something is coming round, cars need not stop, so congestion is reduced and fuel is saved.
During every round, players are given the opportunity to donate points to their neighbours.
It seems likely that executives are being influenced by the market rather than the other way round.
Small, steady price cuts might actually be preferable all round.
He told him to wear it as an amulet round his neck, to ensure that all was well.
He suffered her to feed through the day, and at night tied her up with a vile rope round her neck.
The paper boat danced up and down, and now and then whirled round and round.
Draw the symbol or symbols inherited from the corresponding round two cards.
There were several ancient scrolls that were round cylinders.
Tropical primates on the perimeter of their range no longer had plentiful fruits and year-round streams and lakes.
Only monarchs born in late summer or early fall make the migration, and they make only one round trip.
He has a round choirboy face, blue eyes with a glint of irreverence, and a boyish tousle of graying hair.
When the buzzer sounds, half of the singles move to another chair and a different partner, in a kind of round robin.
These noises resemble the sounds made by hitting two round pebbles together.
New methods are transforming past failures, and the results seem far more promising this go-round.
And handicaps improved by an average of a stroke and a half per round.
Please define what round trip efficiency the thermal storage can achieve.
That's why vertebrate eyes are round-to capture more of a scene without losing clarity.
Once the world became round, there was no going back.
Eyes close and squint, nose bulges, cheeks bulge and mice also pull back their little round ears and move their whiskers.
Oh, that's included in the next round of project development funding.
Some even work in a round-about way by causing pain, which makes the brain release pain-killing endorphins.
Commercial apiaries are located in mild-winter areas, where they can raise bees almost year-round.
And even after the world was proven to be round there were those who refused to believe.
With the latest round of price wars, the distinction between e-readers and tablets is also becoming clear.
At the sculpture's base is a round pool with fountain pump that sends water in a circular motion around the pool.
She will find a new interest in the old common round of domestic duties.
The bullet marks that appear so ominously in the wall seconds before the fatal volley are round.
The tables below show a miscellaneous set of metrics intended to round out a notion of national greatness.
After each meeting, an aide would round up whatever notes were left, even if they had been crumpled or ripped up.
Oh, and all those brackets invariably end up a pile of nonsense after the first round or two.
Interns work year-round on a variety of editorial and promotional projects and are essential to the magazine's operation.
Butter cake pans, then line bottom of each with a round of parchment paper and butter parchment.
Cover with parchment round and second skillet, then top with weights.
There, references are called before the final round of interviews.
But this requires a new and purposive round of brainstorming.
There's no dispute over the constancy of the speed of light when measured over a round trip.
Of course, there are a couple of simple ways round this new problem.
Elaborate, almost life-sized puppets lampooned a choral round dance in the first scene.
The way a theological argument goes is the other way round.
The video shows them then driving off, in the wrong direction down the street and round the corner, towards the protesters.
Still, to reach the heights in practically any field today calls for a round-the-clock commitment.
Now it comes round again, the time to rise and cook up a day.
There were big round rust spots on the fender and the door.
He's come to see their lives as a daily round of petty quarrels.
Now she examined herself in the small round mirror she'd pulled from her purse, grimacing.
He has a round face, with a beautiful smile that he mostly keeps hidden, and a strong but unglamorous body.
But after one round of questions, its novelty was beginning to wear off.
And then there was the round, solid, obviousness of the moon.
We have learned that our planet is in fact round and revolves around the sun, and that humans are slightly modified chimpanzees.
It occurs to me that this planet might not be round.
Instead, the mutual goal in the latest round of talks is to avoid being blamed for their failure.
The autism wars go on and on, and the debates go round and round.
It makes you feel round and supple, and to have a little life inside you is amazing.
It's a tie between the gap-toothed grin framed with big ears and the round-shouldered, bowlegged slouch.
In exclusive interviews, they recount the play-by-play of the shot seen round the world.
Bulls won three of four regular-season games last season and first-round playoff matchup.
Getting stuck in questions of race, you could go round and round and round in that.

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