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It does not rotate alone, a situation that could conceivably result in having side tables at one's feet.
In the newly created position, which is designed to rotate among leaders in the entertainment-software.
The house's ability to rotate is thus limited only by the length of the hoses at full stretch.
When they are formed, neutron stars rotate in space.
Your point that a disk appears to rotate in opposite directions from above or below is exactly the point.
With the click of a mouse, you can rotate the fossils to get a view from any angle.
Rotate pots periodically so sunlight reaches all sides.
When the music stops, the students in the inner ring stand up and rotate to the next partner.
The spheres have to be dispersed in some form of liquid medium if they are to rotate.
Rotate agricultural crops to prevent the sapping of nutrients.
When they impart a twist to the wire, the cylinder will rotate one way and then the other.
Scientists recently discovered that the plume then begins to rotate.
Instead, rotate cherished items often for added interest.
Then comes the sucker punch: you rotate the screen horizontally within its frame and snap the laptop back shut.
Instructions on the tube indicate what direction to rotate it.
The chairmanship of the new set-up would rotate between the parties in some as yet undetermined fashion.
Unfortunately you can not rotate the image once you have entered it.
Hurricanes are large powerful storms that rotate around a central area of extreme low pressure.
One common take on this machine is a wheel or water mill that uses changes in weight to continually rotate.
We torched inside of boxes and rotate combs out routinely.
Next you can rotate the image, and then you move onto the data stage.
Using small sensors, the mirrors will track the sun's movement and rotate during the day.
Having to move only microscopic parts rather than rotate the large disks required for magnetic storage saves energy.
Microwave on low power for two minutes, rotate the plate, and continue microwaving for another minute or two.
So if the plants rotate at some intermediate angle, the seedlings experience on average an intermediate amount of gravity.
Once done, mouse over the thumbnails to add captions, rotate or delete the pictures.
Some offerings rotate in and out of the warehouse based on the season, sales volume and other factors.
Poor farming methods, such as failing to rotate crops or use pesticides properly, have not helped either.
They are exactly alike in every property except that they rotate plane-polarized light to the right or left, respectively.
Christians say an informal arrangement had existed to rotate the job of district head between the two groups.
The mixing gases contained in the contrail rotate with respect to the ambient air.
They're born spinning quickly, up to tens of times per second, and sweep the sky with a beam of radio energy as they rotate.
Rotate the souffle dish to coat the bottom and even the sugar on the baking pan to coat as much as possible.
Rotate it through a right angle, or a multiple of a right angle, and it is indistinguishable from its unrotated self.
The winds in these storms rotate high up in the atmosphere.
Could some one explain how two object can rotate around each other and not have a fixed point that binds them to one another.
At the bottom of the screen is a launcher that you can rotate to shoot additional pieces of fruit onto the board.
Additional playwrights will be added to the mix in the coming years as writers rotate out of the program.
Rotate the grill grate so that the fish is over the flame and cook for another minute to get the fish hot.
Now imagine being able to rotate your torso as you swing.
Relax your arms at address so they can rotate freely in a full swing.
In this game players rotate falling shapes so that they slot neatly together instead of saving self-destructive furry animals.
Rotate the skull by clicking and dragging your mouse over it.
To make it rotate takes nothing more than a nudge from a scanning tunneling microscope tip.
One of the easiest ways of generating electricity is to rotate a coil of wire in a magnetic field.
The profusion of blood vessels and the muscles that rotate the eye are visible.
Use of loose accounting practice allows them to rotate cash from one company to another and help it grow.
They grow their own greens out back, raise their own egg-laying hens, and rotate the menu daily to match seasonal availability.
The team then selectively etched parts of the wafer so the metal blade could rotate freely.
Users can then rotate the baseball player and make it perform a select few actions.
Hold the left mouse button and move left or right to rotate the image.
And the country really needs to sane parties to rotate government between.
They will rotate out into the field for poaching patrols.
The dies can also rotate so that the reverse and obverse are not aligned.
Rotate the furniture throughout the day to ensure that heat and sunlight reach any termites trying to hide.
He could rotate objects in his mind and make technical drawings without the need for a single revision.
Slowly rotate from the base of your spine to one side while reaching to place your hands on the bench.
Can rescale each frame, move the origin, rotate the origin for each frame.
Create a list of backyard responsibilities for each member of the family to do and rotate jobs each month.
Center-pivot irrigation sprinklers rotate around a water supply to create a circular field of crops.
Then the eyes rotate forward to follow the prey, allowing the fish to home in on its meal.
And for volume, you rotate your gaze clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Rotate around the small groups to make sure all students are contributing to the discussions.
Ideally, you should rotate your pile every week or two weeks.
The kick-stand will rotate to let you pin the frame to a wall or cork board.
They've learned that the fish can actually rotate its eyes upward to peer through its transparent, liquid-filled head.
It would be held between two bearings that would allow it to rotate at the center.
Instead, rotate your flash to bounce off a wall or ceiling so the light is more evenly spread through your scene.
Its green plugs even rotate to avoid cable kinks or wall-wart collisions.
Others frequently rotate the art in their buildings so the staff is challenged afresh.
When wind pushes into the cups, they rotate the axis.
Occasionally rotate pan to mix syrup without stirring it, then replace over heat.
When the guy taps it, it doesn't rotate but rather it wobbles.
Thanks to strong offshore breezes, the turbines rotate quite regularly.
But they can certainly rotate faster as they collapse.
Its screen is attached to the keyboard by two aluminum arms, on which the screen can rotate top to bottom.
Rotate a magnet inside a coil of wire, and the vortex of flux will induce a sympathetic pulse of electric current.
Rotate the card, and the figure rotates in full perspective.
Adjacent tufts rotate in opposing directions to prevent the brush from slipping.
The four teams will rotate opponents for the first three days of the four-day tournament, with the medal round scheduled for.
Get an oscillating fan and set it to rotate so it makes the hanging things move at intervals.
Moreover, since the form of iron oxide used to make the droplets is magnetic, a magnetic field can be used to rotate them.
As the drums rotate, the water wets the clothes and the detergent gets to work loosening the dirt.
Some galaxies rotate so fast that they should be throwing off their outermost stars.
To his instrument-maker's eye, this was suggestive of a fixed central gear around which other moving gears could rotate.
Pour glaze onto tart, then tilt and rotate tart so glaze coats top evenly.
Wind rushes by, blades rotate, and electricity flows.
It is already standard industry practice to rotate auditors to avoid potential familiarity issues.
Each ship has three main dining rooms which you will rotate between throughout your cruise.
The peelers rotate, scraping the skin off the carrots.
The stages roll and rotate during the show, giving all audience members a chance to see them.
Huge nightclubs pack in thousands, and parties rotate nightly among a dozen venerable hot spots.
But the program requires them to rotate through the service role anyway so they can better train and manage their employees.
For one thing, they tend to rotate more slowly as they get older.
As these molecules rotate, they shift from one energy state to another.
The other guard did not rotate and stop him from going down the lane.
Also note how the moon appears to rotate counter-clockwise.
To achieve a centered yolk, one must rotate the egg while cooking it.
It appears to be a cold core eddy, as they rotate counter-clockwise.
Then uncover the rest of the image and see the lady rotate the opposite direction.
As you approach the image, notice that the radial lines appear to rotate counterclockwise.
As you move away from the image, they appear to rotate clockwise.
The vagaries of currents within the mantle mean that the crust and core can and do rotate at slightly different rates.
From an external perspective atoms can rotate randomly over a succession of frames with respect to one another.
The way out is for the club coaches to rotate their playing squads so that they rest vital players.
Around it, several concentric circles inscribed in the floor rotate, often in contrary motion.
The body jerks, stretches itself, falls downwards and starts to rotate.
The moment is a measure of the tendency of an airplane to rotate around the center of gravity.
Rotate with the mouse while holding the left mouse button.
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