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And their combination of heavy posturing and droopy romanticism preserves a kind of twilight zone of perpetual adolescence.
He was also a useful antidote against a certain strain of biological romanticism.
The is an underlying romanticism juxtaposed with unpolished sophistication that cannot be replicated even if one tried.
The first step in curing perfectionism, procrastination and blocks is to ignore all the hype and romanticism.
Cynicism is a symptom of quashed romanticism--which, in the end, is still romanticism.
With a light but immense sound, he captured both romanticism and a jazz toughness.
It is careless to confuse them as some ill-informed partisans of romanticism do.
Fusing minimalism with romanticism, she creates modern settings by using vintage pieces.
Its principal adherents, even today, are those who feel a natural affinity with the language of an exaggerated romanticism.
For example, writers in the early to mid-nineteenth century were influenced by romanticism.
It has tended to imply romanticism, expressionism, and individualism--dangerous things.
It was thought that the romanticism and flair of the style was a natural partner for the movies one would experience within.

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In general a thing is romantic when, as Aristotle would say, it is wonderful rather than probable; in other words, when ... more
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