roil in a sentence

Example sentences for roil

In summer the roads roil with bicycles and mopeds and minicars and joggers and walkers.
The merger wave is continuing to roil key industries.
The announcement is sure to roil an already bubbling controversy over the value of that screening.
Internal temperature differences would not have been great enough to roil its liquid outer core and drive the magnetic dynamo.
The accusations are the latest of many to roil the church.
Neither gathering, however, provided much to roil the normally tranquil weekend news cycle.
The discordant moralism of indulging wealthy tyrant's daughters continues to roil the culture industry.
There was shelter here from the heavy winds that continued to roil the sound outside.
Additionally, winds and all sorts of extra-oceanic inputs can roil the surface.
Not only did that roil the market further-it caused a particular problem for hedge funds.
But even if supply doesn't overwhelm demand, fear and greed may roil the market.
However this is usually calculated with a simple count of roil overs regardless of the ultimate term of the deposit.
Any remaining tax balance will be cancelled from the existing tax roiL.
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