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The rod was to work when a beam of light was bounced off its end.
As a result, he has become a lightning rod for all criticism of the government.
The fishing spider needs neither rod nor reel to lure in tadpoles, fish, or frogs.
Each color rod represents a different length, and they are used to help elementary students master simple addition and fractions.
The pointed rod will push through the center of the cherry, and the pit will shoot out the bottom.
The standard kit includes a the rod and reel set, a couple of weights and a couple baskets to hold your bait.
Perhaps more than any other top campus administrator, the chief diversity officer is a lightning rod for criticism.
One end of the top casing will have an opening for the curtain rod.
There is no other universal measuring rod out there.
We waved a shirt on the fishing rod about, and after about one and a half hours a lobster boat spotted us and picked us up.
The breezy white shower curtain hanging from a rod above the tub blends in nicely with the sheer curtains on the window.
The rod has a reel with string you can wind up and cast.
Tipped with a lure of luminous flesh this built-in rod baits prey close enough to be snatched.
Hence a steel rod is more elastic than a rubber one.
His fishing rod was in a closet where he lived, on the other side of the city.
Gently but firmly slide the rod onto the tubing, and you're set.
To keep the rod from flipping over, the physicists needed to pin the rod down in several places at once.
Hotels that have hangers that can't be removed from the rod top the list.
If you don't use a thermometer, insert a metal rod into the pile's center for a few minutes.
Bacteria which have flagella are either rod or spiral-shaped and are known as bacilli and spirochetes, respectively.
Practically every square rod of the sides of the ridge was explored.
That's fine, no problem, glad to be your lightning rod.
Probably from working on a hot rod rather than from making music.
That's why pro gator hunters carry a bang stick, essentially a bullet chamber affixed to the end of a metal rod.
Over the past eight years this military prison has been a lightning rod of controversy.
The complex rod design uses levers to make the wing tips flap faster.
There were rugs on the floor and a rod with some hangers on which there were a few dresses.
It has a plastic rod going through the center of the blade, keeping it from getting too floppy.
The buildings were several stories high with a rod iron veranda on every floor.
The craft they deployed was a wing-shaped rod the size of a bacterium.
Or to vary the illustration, consider a long steel rod that is tapered toward one end.
The measuring rod is inspired by the poles land surveyors use to map and describe the physical landscape.
But instead of being a disorganized jumble of molecules, the individual rod-shaped particles line up parallel to each other.
The process forms rod-shaped particles of lithium iron phosphate.
Sea level does not move along the rod which appears shrunk for muon.
It travels toward muon along the rod in muon's frame which does not shrink for muon.
Naturally creating a gas within the fuel rod will make it swell.
But he keeps for himself the role of lightning rod when flashes of white-hot rage fill his e-mail and voice-mail in-boxes.
From the moment she entered the national stage she became a divining rod of public taste.

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Spare the rod and spoil the child.... more
Those who spare the rod hate their children, but those who love them are diligent to discipline them.... more
Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.... more
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