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These discoveries reveal that the evolution of melanism is not some incredibly rare accident, but a common, repeatable process.
The detailed trial transcripts reveal a remarkably human saint, and the story invites modern interpretation.
It has coasters for eyes and a metal briefcase for a body that snaps open to reveal a bellyful of motors and wires.
Rationality will pour its light into the dark corners and reveal the monsters to be merely chimeric.
Use rhetoric to reveal that all discourse is an argument serving someone's interests.
Others reveal expensive cars, computers and flat-screen televisions.
The fabric is opaque translucent so the taillights shine through, and small motors pull the fabric back to reveal the headlights.
That's because outside the can, the field produced by the superconductor will alter the applied field and reveal its presence.
Either he was not ready to reveal what was afoot, or he did not know.
The diversity of the oceans that the census will reveal exceeds all expectations.
Thus they need not reveal anything about their finances or their governance, and are largely unaccountable to the public.
Yet those statistics from half a century ago do reveal a few differences that may be instructive.
Technicians can date paint from its chemical composition, for example, or x-ray a canvas to reveal what lies below the surface.
Also on view are working prints, some of which reveal how the photographer cropped them.
Mining this sort of information might therefore also reveal information about exactly how ideas are spread and trends are set.
Video cameras attached to sea turtles and sharks reveal an underwater world hidden to humans.
But while the earlier paper was the first to reveal coloration in dinosaurs, the new report goes further.
Excavations reveal the remains of sacrifices once witnessed by thousands of spectators.
Genetic and anatomical tests, however, reveal that the new species is related to other common groups of modern snails.
Later experiments with other species could reveal the role spine density plays in how well urchins can see.
Pick a number to reveal a photograph of a mystery spot and the clues to its location.
One thing the paintings don't reveal is who lurks inside the sarcophagus.
Fog and lasers reveal the wind beneath a bat's wings.
Brain scans reveal when a vow will not be honored.
Tiny vertebrates reveal changes that make miniaturization possible.
These findings reveal clues about how the brain segregates information between its hemispheres.
It would reveal an underlying order to the seeming arbitrariness of nature.
Anatomical location of brain activity matters, because there is not a single study that can reveal the absolute truth.
But it often takes weeks for traditional disease surveillance methods to reveal an illness's spread.
Not that they'll reveal how you can get by on minimal shut-eye.
Mountains of evidence reveal that sleep enhances memory.
Thus, this system will reveal what the people really want.
Indeed, if he did blink, his eyelids parted to reveal a new scene.
The mix breaks down to reveal some of the original song, a vocal harmony bridge that plays almost unaccompanied.
Disasters on this scale reveal something about the character of the societies in which they occur.
In addition, collecting basic information will not reveal industry secrets.
The difference between filmmakers and magicians is that filmmakers are only too happy to reveal their tricks.
E-mails she sent to a friend reveal that she was depressed by the state of her career.
He yanks out the rest of the clump to reveal only more loess, no skin or meat.
Mutations reveal surprising branches on the tree of life.
The tests detect genetic markers that reveal whether people share a common ancestor or relative.
The fungus was not known at this time, so health screening of the toads did not reveal the problem.
Distortions in that microwave signal can reveal the shape of the intervening space.
Comparing the widths of rings can reveal relative annual growing conditions over hundreds of years.
Under current law they have no obligation to reveal tax returns, and stockholders have no right to obtain them.
It's all right to drill down to an essence of character and reveal it in quick, telling strokes.
It offered entire societies the chance to reveal aspects of their characters they could not normally afford to indulge.
Only the artist could reveal society and help it to renew itself.
Though his letters reveal little about the content of their sessions, they make it clear he liked and respected him.
Mathematical features of that can reveal the people who introduce new information on a particular topic that spreads widely.
Hybrid proteins that respond to light could reveal the biochemistry of addiction.
Those inputs that caused it to crash could reveal an important bug.
One presentation will reveal how poorly secured printers can even be grouped together to act as online storage for cybercriminals.
These events reveal what the technology industry has on its mind-and right now, it's thinking a lot about on-demand video.
She hopes that understanding how branching normally happens will reveal ways to intervene when it goes awry.
Last year, he used his method for spotting bubbles to reveal that oil prices where dangerously inflated.
The researchers say this mixed design can inadvertently reveal information.
So it should only be a matter of weeks or months before they reveal the first evidence of it.
The two new sequences don't reveal any genomic surprises.
Combining the parameters can reveal behavioral measures such as sleep patterns.
Today they reveal a new, table top machine for producing blast waves that mimic the profiles of real explosions.
But they also reveal a slow process of learning how to communicate.
But sometimes these tests reveal disturbing information that doctors weren't looking for.
No matter that a toupee, capped teeth and a partly unbuttoned shirt reveal a touch of vanity.
They also reveal a fundamental change in the way modern scientists view the relationship between mind and body.
The goal of modern theoretical physics is to reveal the universe's lost elegance.
Reveal it when the time is right, and plot away until then.
Barber's compositions tend to be too richly layered to reveal all their truths after a single hearing.
Many salespeople can't reveal special discounts unless the customer asks.
Some declined to reveal the content of the discussions at all.
The melodies reveal themselves more reluctantly, and the layers undergirding them teem with ambiguity.

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