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Example sentences for restlessness

There is a restlessness, a deep sense of something gone wrong in the air.
Now a few enterprising engineers are looking to convert our restlessness into electricity.
His was the solitude, self-doubt and restlessness of dislocation and displacement.
And then there was the second expression of her restlessness.
His longing has changed to restlessness and dissatisfaction, which make the trip seem senseless to him.
The intellect is vagabond, and the universal system of education fosters restlessness.
It's simply the old summer restlessness, which goes back to school days.
Scarcely had the maker of miniatures completed the thimble palace when he felt a new burst of restlessness.
The movie is too long, and often wearying to watch, taking its visual cues from the unappeasable restlessness of the heroine.
Inhaling the vapors may irritate the respiratory tract and cause restlessness, tremors, headaches and increased heart rate.
Brill outlines a magical courtship and an idyllic wedded life, destroyed by his own romantic restlessness and infidelity.
As feared, it is impossible to overstate the degree of their restlessness and disillusionment.
She showed no signs of boredom or restlessness as she shook these hundreds of hands-far from it.
The daily grind may not be enough to pacify your restlessness.
Sedatives may be prescribed for irritability or restlessness.
They also are sometimes used to treat the restlessness and agitation that can occur with the use of neuroleptics.

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