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Urban farming is a response to a variety of pressures.
The newest microscope techniques reveal neurons changing shape in response to experience-potentially recording a memory.
They were trying to identify short film clips that could reliably elicit a strong emotional response in laboratory settings.
His distraught family pricked the limp body of their firstborn with needles to try to stimulate a response.
In response to the furor, artists began to avoid forbidden images or conceal them under dotting, stippling and cross-hatches.
Whenever someone made a sound in response, the robot's camera snapped a picture.
Political call and response become simultaneous, which implies an end of dialogue.
Today's digital typography, she says, is a response to the fallacy of objective design.
With a question that could never be answered definitively, that seems as good a response as any.
The response of the state government, which is in charge of security, was largely ineffective.
Allergies involve an immune response to a substance that, in the majority of people, the body perceives as harmless.
Due to the enthusiastic response, public participation continues.
The discovery suggests that the immediate response to other people's fear may be more automatic than previously thought.
Sometimes the story of a single animal motivates global response.
The snake appears to dance in response to the music.
The regulatory response, though quick at first, became sluggish once politicians thought a crisis had been averted.
Glucocorticoid is a hormone produced in response to stress and its job is to make the animal behave appropriately.
Established bands have been able to raise ticket prices in response.
They have likewise drawn the short straw in the government's response to the economic crisis.
The second was a regrettable response to an unsustainable bubble.
The deepening gloom about the economy may well warrant such an aggressive response.
The chances of a more severe government response is nevertheless growing.
The lack of a unified government response suggests this grim trajectory will continue.
It's the equivalent of saying that the rational response to being gifted a gun is to shoot yourself in the face.
In response, investors started to ask for more transparency and more thorough due diligence before writing big cheques.
It chastised governments for their inadequate response and their misguided obsession with austerity.
The government's response to the disaster was quick and effective.
Some people look at a thank-you message as one that does not need a response.
One of the sharpest reactions came in response to a question that was submitted beforehand in writing.
Some new majors arise in response to student demand, while other degree programs are meant to provide an industry with workers.
But many campuses were surprised at students' response.
Ask for advice in response to everything you see as a criticism or problem.
Drivers react to other drivers, and those drivers react in response.
But the researchers found that white blood cells produced in response to the vaccine were defective.
With a variety of public and private sector actors all pursuing different approaches, the response has been uncoordinated.
Current urbanites had higher activation in their amygdala, which is linked to response to threats.
When you first go into extremely cold water there is this weird response called a cold shock response.
The blood flow response can take two to five seconds, but a thought can flash in milliseconds.
If she experiences positive emotions related to bubbles her innate response of fear might be replaced by a response of joy.
Furthermore, this neural response was graded, so that happy faces led to more activation than neutral faces.
Bacteria can trigger a powerful systemic inflammatory response that results in a disruption in brain function.
There is probably no simpler machine that can predict your response.
They put relayed data together and based on the data have us perform some response.
The antiviral immune response, however, is not yet on par with that seen in humans.
Sneezing is a physiologic response to the irritation of the respiratory epithelium lining of the nose.
The satellites carried out coordinated measurements of the response of the magnetosphere to these events.
Stretching subjects' mouths backward had no effect, implying a position-specific response.
It's a naturally occurring protein, but its levels rise dramatically in response to some diseases and injuries.
The implants should not trigger an immune response, getting rid of one potential problem for recipients.
Usually followed by questions meant to help them evaluate my response in light of their personal history.
Maneuvering to avoid the beam would also be difficult due to the rapid tracking and response of the laser system.
These molecules make the immune response spring back to life.
So researchers decided to see what would happen if they reigned in the immune response in mice that are prone to diabetes.
We produce tears in response to insults to the eyes-the sting of onion fumes, a tiny insect that flew into your cornea.
In response, a power plant shut down, destabilizing the system's equilibrium.
Questions about the administration's response, meanwhile, are persisting.
Before everyone rushes off to their new age healers, let me offer a couple of stories in response.
Some aspects of this response may inflame tensions between those who are winning and those who are losing.
More often than not, such a response doesn't even correspond to the content of your e-mail.
On the other side are those who argue for a civilian response to the threat, focussed on a wider use of encryption.
He stared down at the gray, badly cracked flags of the kitchen floor, waiting for a response.
In response, she has wondered whose blood runs through her veins.
He pressed the intercom button, but there was no response.
The process evolved this way as a response to a political, not a legal, problem.
It saddens and enrages cartoonists, and their response is to draw.
As if in response to this worry, the movie then parts company with itself.
The federal agency makes an unprecedented decision in response to last week's federal injunction.
It is now in clinical trials to gauge the immune response it elicits in patients with a history of advanced adenomas.
But his response to my essay here proves that my resolve was misplaced.
Most observers say the industry's shift to direct-drive is a response to highly publicized gearbox failures.
The sensor's gold surface amplifies the signal by increasing changes in the electric field in response to the laser light.
Expressing clinical statements for sharing in response to a request is difficult and barely standardised.
Depression is not necessarily a response to bad things happening.
Snake modulates constriction in response to prey's heartbeat.
If the finding holds true for humans, this insulin response could translate to a reduced risk of diabetes.
Vaccines work by exposing the body to particles called antigens, which trigger an immune response.
For instance, the pitch may rise and fall more rapidly in response to one human than it does in response to another.
It also, after a decade of research, still triggers an immune response which no one has begun to solve.
Neurons in the hippocampus regulate the response to stress hormones by making special receptors.
It must race through its databases, find relevant search terms, and pick out the right response with a high level of confidence.
Laughing is not an instinctive physical response to humor, the way a flinch is a response to pain or a shiver to cold.
E ven on those occasions when local indie labels expressed interest in rap, the response was not always welcoming.
But the economic response really took place elsewhere.
Our opinion was that they could more readily arise in response to universal cultural requirements.
On the basis of this characterization one might expect some significant response in the review to the book's arguments.
To the contrary, it changes across time and space, in response to the movements it opposes.
His first response was a plan to streamline management, reducing the company's white-collar ranks through attrition.
In fact, merely mentioning a company online is often enough to elicit a response.
His response was to try to get spending and taxes under control.
It is imperative that historic preservation is given a strong and visible presence at the beginning of the response process.
Guidance on developing medical response plans for radiation events.
The result is that exercise primes the brain to show less stress in response to new stimuli.

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