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Carving up humanity with a system of psychiatric labeling is rather repugnant in any case.
Rising inequality isn't only morally repugnant, he said, it is economically inefficient and damaging to the country.
It can be a smart loss mitigation strategy, even if philosophically repugnant.
His morally repugnant behavior has coarsened the body politic.
If it happens too seldom that he corrects them, it is because it is repugnant to him to return to a work that has grown cold.
Well, society is responsible-it thrives on the repugnant.
Second, not only is propaganda morally dubious, but it is almost always aesthetically repugnant.
Perp walks may be repugnant, but as long as they remain transparent, their effect is limited.
For those of us not within immediate range of the flying spittle, umpire-baiting can be as mesmerizing as it is repugnant.
What is repugnant is the idea that government exists to solve problems rather than being the source of problems itself.
For-profit health insurance is extremely unethical, and morally repugnant.
For profit health insurance is extremely unethical, and morally repugnant.
Therefore, the question is whether such an ordinance would be repugnant to state law.
If the skull is malodorous from decay, it will be repugnant during boiling.
The one-two combination allows him to convey how boxing can at once be so repugnant and so alluring.

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