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Example sentences for reprieve

During their reprieve, they gave extraordinary proofs of charity and humility.
It was the second reprieve he had had within the last half hour.
After a decades-long reprieve, bed bugs have returned with a vengeance, plaguing rich and poor alike.
But for-profit colleges aren't waiting for a judicial reprieve.
The big benefits of soy milk are now suspect, even as coffee is seeing a reprieve.
He was granted a reprieve so that the state could determine whether he was mentally competent to be executed.
He was a cheerful pessimist who never lost sight of the fact that our reprieve from history may be temporary.
NJ horse tracks win temporary reprieve from government shutdown.
Transit agencies give seniors a reprieve as free ride.
All applications for pardon, commutation of sentence, or reprieve shall be made in writing to the adult parole authority.
All applications for pardon, commutation of sentence or reprieve shall be referred to the board for investigation.
The president must guard the gate between punishment and reprieve with vigilance.
All of the animals listed here have received a reprieve and only you can commute their sentence.
Ecology officials warn that this is only a temporary reprieve, since stagnant air is common during the winter.
These investigations include pardon, reprieve, and commutation cases.

Famous quotes containing the word reprieve

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