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Example sentences for renounce

Part of playing the game right is to renounce the social impulse in favor of individual interests.
Even so, the government refused to renounce its claim, and the supposed treasure remains in dispute and unexcavated.
They have to have by-laws with clauses that renounce poaching and to adopt a technique they call conservation farming.
She's made an inner memo to renounce flirtations and any consequences that might result from them.
Yes, they need to renounce their counter-reality and come back to this one.
Some of them say they're getting ready to renounce their citizenship.
They're not going to renounce those policies without a struggle.
If that's not true, then he should renounce his affiliation.
Compared with citizenship of a country, membership is easy to acquire and renounce.
It's one thing to renounce a current leader, quite another to claim some rebels are a legitimate government.
They may not demand democracy tomorrow, but none will ever renounce capitalism again.
Renounce the devil and thou shalt wear a shabby cloak.
Renounce the devil and all his works, the vain pomp and glory of the world.
Under the offer, the prisoners must renounce the use of violence and agree to comply with parole requirements.
He urges students not only to renounce guns but also to turn in to the cops anyone who refuses to do so.
If you do not apply, it will be considered that you renounce your right to administer the estate.
Generally, persons who do not wish to maintain dual nationality may renounce the citizenship which they do not want.

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