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Example sentences for render

Constant apprehension of war has the tendency to render the head too large for the body.
Though humans are not literally hairless, much of our hair has become so small and fine as to render it virtually invisible.
The film's cast of non-actors pull off convincing performances that render their characters intriguing and memorable.
Express themselves a little as well as render thanks.
Some speculated that the rover had fallen into a crater or parked in such a way as to render the reflector inaccessible.
Hopefully the requirement of using only muscle-potent adult stem cells would not render the process prohibitive or ineffective.
One illness or accident could render our safety nil.
Keyboards morph, and smart phones and tablet computers render the home keys method almost impossible.
The goal is a treatment that would render the patient's body completely inhospitable to the bug.
Anecdotal evidence is a start, but there are numerous biases that render anecdotes highly unreliable.
Since by that you would give the argument a structure that would render the usual rhetoric tricks useless.
Even if done honestly and competently, those kinds of changes may have introduced enough noise to render the data useless.
As usual, there were enough famous faces in attendance to render the stars themselves starstruck.
To bring home and render so great a spoil compendiously has been my capital difficulty.
He is base,-and that is the one base thing in the universe,-to receive favors and render none.
Morality consists then in the reference of all action to the legislation which alone can render a kingdom of ends possible.
One modification would render the insect unable to recognize the human scent.
It would also render all the more eerie the apparent absence of others who have made the same breakthrough.
It pays to ignore certain regulations, and summoning one's powers to render uniforms loquacious helps create a convivial mood.
Established truths are comforting, but it is the mysteries that make the soul ache and render a life of exploration worth living.
Or he could publish his result, and render every implementation of the random-number generator completely insecure.
Photos render in crisp detail, with bright, brilliant colors.
Eventually, these machines will begin their own process of evolution and render us extinct in our present form.
Each edit causes the image to re-render, and it's slow.
Each building block interlocks on all six sides, so you can also render objects into the vertical plane.
They are expected to render their verdict early next year.
Touch-screens may eventually render this approach obsolete.
But some experts worry that global warming may render it useless.
He should state unequivocally that he will not propose a law to render the head of state immune from criminal prosecution.
It's clearly too early to render a judgment on the process of reform and its likely trajectory in the future.
Legal reformers back attempts to render the party-directed judiciary more independent.
Either incompatible technologies render their phone unusable or the subsequent bill is monstrous.
Dedicated e-readers have lacked the screen size, colour graphics and computing power to render the rich multimedia content.
They do so because politics and governmental interference render the best of organizations slow, bureaucratic and inefficient.
The lift-shaft of an unfinished high-rise hotel on the waterfront was filled with concrete to render the building unusable.
But green groups are wary that severe economic strains may once again render the environment an afterthought.
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