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So the researchers used the endorphins' pain relief to determine if laughter causes an endorphin release.
It had few people, no resources and no relief from the blistering heat.
It's always a huge relief to clear things off that screen.
In reality, however, economic activity is largely concerned with the relief of unhappiness.
These rejection-letter stories are a welcome relief from the disillusionment that accompanies them.
How unpleasant writing a grant can be is brought into relief by the sheer amount of effort required to succeed.
Sometimes the family stood in relief lines to collect food.
For comic relief, show monkey approaching a skunk and getting sprayed.
Nor would those candidates now be desperately outdoing one another with brutish demands for ever more tax relief for zillionaires.
It's such relief to be in a place where there isn't one screen or pixel.
Nor does she make much allowance for the evidence against depression, or for frequent relief from depression.
Sci-fi films too often resort to an irritating, cuddly alien for comic relief.
It is also a way that donors and members of the public can track progress in the relief and recovery efforts that continue.
Butler brought in some fans, but they didn't provide much relief.
Slowly, but surely, the contours of the publishing industry's digital future are coming into relief.
Natural disasters are striking more and more people each year-pushing global relief agencies to the limit.
He guesses that our feelings include a mixture of grief and relief.
Robots connected this way could also help with relief operations in large disaster sites.
Unfortunately drilling a relief well will take two to three months.
We have lot of bad guys out there and having the technology to take them out quickly is a great relief and benefit.
To offset some of these price increases, the budget includes provisions to use some of the auction revenue for tax relief.
Insomniacs turn to alcohol for relief, but find none.
Solar refrigeration can also be inexpensive and it would give the electric grid much-needed relief.
It is no way to live and if there is a chance that one day she could receive some relief it will be such a wonderful thing.
They may have offered snake oil to fellow workers as relief for suffering long days of physical toil.
If it's an allergic reaction, a vet can also administer a steroid shot for immediate relief.
She performed this act several times, until the pain offered her some relief from her emotions.
Attempts by parents to get answer or relief are stonewalled.
Apparently, our fans needed a little comic relief the day after the tragedy.
Worse yet, relief might not be coming any time soon.
State relief is an ugly and messy measure to elevate employment.
But the entire purpose of a stimulus package is to provide short-term relief.
Cruel, too, when fate makes loosening those ties a relief.
For me, however, the feeling at these moments is a vast and happy relief.
As relief stumbles along, the political blame-game is in top gear.
Yet far from heaving a sigh of relief, investors are nervous.
Borrowers who qualify will get payment relief, not debt relief.
Relief supplies are needed on both sides of the border.
Even the hair-shirt option, then, will bring only short-term relief.
For independent investors, farmland is an especially attractive option because it can offer relief from several burdensome taxes.
But the news has been greeted with something approaching relief.
If you want to help the poor, look for other sources of revenue and tax-relief.
It was such a relief to go all day without needing pain medicine.
In many areas relief efforts have been hobbled by landslide- blocked roads.
Poverty must be addressed, but unbridled development will only bring short-term relief.
Relief is a rolling back scratch in the brush for a hobbled horse freed of its saddle.
They will also wallow in mud for the same purpose-and to gain relief from insects.
Snow had fallen in the night, throwing into sharp relief the striated flanks of nearby plateaus.
The spiral fairly hovered above the landscape, its boundaries of piled rock etched in sharp relief.
Imagine the relief when you send a smoke signal for help and then, on the horizon, see a puff of smoke in return.
And then his little sigh of relief, suppressed but audible.
It can be broken by trips to the bathrooms, which however temporarily may provide some relief.
What this does is raise the marginal benefit of spending on disaster relief.
At best, this round of relief will reach about two million former and current homeowners.
As consumers seek relief from the recession, auctions for food and other necessities gain in popularity.
But utility executives sighed with relief that they.
Most people can attest that the mere expectation of relief can somehow prompt the body to respond.

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