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One relay swimmer was posing on the starting block, flexing both arms at the crowd.
One faculty member called me to relay the unhappy news.
The jaws are riddled with small holes through which nerve bundles can relay electrical messages from the domes to the brain.
The plan is familiar: park an antenna high in the stratosphere and then relay signals to and from devices below.
Hooking up the relay was technologically simple but physically challenging.
Along the relay route the flame is carried in a special lantern, closely guarded to make sure the light never goes out.
If she suddenly can't relay correct info from the patient, she probably is not.
Glucocorticoid receptors relay signals from stress hormones in the blood into cells.
They are also meant to be a form of computer that can hold images and relay messages.
And it will be studded with sensors that relay tactile information about the outside world to the somatosensory cortex.
Apparently, the damage was done by an employee for the subcontractor that built the relay box.
Those sensors keep tabs on the emissions and relay the readings to the car's computer.
Universities that sign up can relay information or instructions to staff and students.
The global economy isn't a race so much as it's a relay.
The buoys relay the information via satellite to tsunami warning centers.
All this article does is relay contemporary scientific theories to the public.
Thought to reduce the breakdown of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps relay messages around the brain.
Likewise, chickadees relay similar details about the threats posed by predators and the response required.
The last stage in this three-stage relay race is a linear collider.
It is mostly ceremonial as stated in the article and does relay a degree of complacency in the region to manage its own affairs.
The zigzag relay is necessary to gain enough elevation for the signal to clear the tree line.
It can pick up faint electrical signals from his brain and relay them to the computer.
They serve as relay stations for cell phones and television.
His artful images relay the crucial connection between humanity and nature.
As the game is a relay race, each team should have the same number of players.
These are magical moments-impossible to capture with photography or to relay in words.
They can relay their own information to the parents.
The military already employs a fleet of blimps to look for enemies and relay communications.
But the really interesting point is what kinds of information these tools relay.
Snowshoe wants to install a transmitter to relay the cabin's smoke-detector alarm to headquarters.
Get a sailor of the old school to relay the coils before you go into the field so that the rope will be ready for use.
But he could not relay that message to the tribe for fear of being branded a traitor, or killed.
Implanted in a patient's muscle, the devices could relay information on local nerve activity via radio to an external computer.
Everyone is encouraged to relay as much as possible about the event to the online audiences in as real-time as humanely possible.
Such devices often incorporate tiny computers that need to relay data to a central server.
The electrodes are implanted into a part of the brain that normally acts as a relay station for messages.
Further synapses send the signal to a critical relay station in the brain called the thalamus.
As a result blimps, adjusted to hover at appropriate heights, are often used to relay data to and from satellites.
But being that he could relay the message in easy, simple terms made it easy for a lot of guys to learn from him.
Insurgent violence has slowed construction of a nationwide relay network.
Relay new flight, arrival and lodging information quickly to defuse panic.
It uses a second nerve network to relay everyday sensations.
The problem is not the bulb or connector, but the power integration relay in the fuse box.
Users of those phones often find that the relay service helps keep them connected to family and friends.

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