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Typically, they're in a committed relationship, but they aren't perfectly happy.
The two tech giants had a long and complicated relationship.
But for a relationship to endure, it must be based on something more than superficial attraction.
If people don't spend time with nature, they won't develop a relationship with it and be good stewards of it in the future.
She illustrates the fragile but enduring relationship between people and the ocean.
It is also notable for the harmonious relationship between the open and built spaces, the simplicity of its design, and its size.
Group exhibition of artists selected through an open-call that considers the seductive relationship artists have with materials.
At the center of his insights was a vision of nature's intimate relationship with the human and the divine.
Their friends had reservations about the relationship.
The outcome was said to indicate who would be dominant in the relationship.
And yet that special relationship never seems to materialise.
They have been telling untruths about their relationship with us, and about our business practices, in order to do so.
And don't forget to follow up with a note or e-mail if you want to develop the relationship.
Politics and the media, however, have a deeper relationship.
Yet this relationship masks longstanding technological and practical differences between still and moving-image cameras.
The techniques did help restore his relationship with the church community, but they also opened his life in a new direction.
However, in an invisibility cloak, this perpendicular relationship becomes distorted as the light waves are steered.
Not my personal relationship with ice cream, however troubled.
Math is a system of postulates and axioms based on a logical relationship that is then quantified.
The close relationship to the insurance industry in this case should be raising every red flag.
Still, a close relationship with one's audience has its drawbacks.
She recently took time to answer questions on anonymity, intimacy, and her relationship with her readers.
She has never had a long-term relationship with a recording label, and she has never had a press agent.
It's a little too early in our relationship to begin correcting the president.
And as it turned out, there was a lot more to their relationship than the transactional business of making records.
The couple has been plagued by scandal since the onset of their relationship.
His relationship with an under-age belly dancer, plus charges of a cover-up, may be the final straw.
The picture also caught the sometimes frosty relationship between the two leaders.
My inability to have a long-term intimate relationship.
It has to do with the step-by-step deterioration of their long relationship, which ended in abject mutual hatred.
Instantly, these people have the same relationship to you as an old and valued friend.
There's been an on-and-off relationship with the music press that loves us and then hates us then loves us again.

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