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Example sentences for recess

Recess has, in many districts, vanished from the schedule entirely.
Remote sensors or a manual push button shoots the net up from a two-inch-wide recess in the ground in as little as three seconds.
We'd watch the mushroom clouds from the playground at recess.
Systemic risk is due to be considered separately after the summer recess.
Perhaps such stagnation comes with the recess in real personal freedom.
These models change quickly and won't get you beat up at recess.
Bring recess and gym back into the school curriculum.
He swathes his story in atmospherics: no one is without his wreath of cigarette smoke, no recess without its shadowy figure.
The trial is set to resume this week after a month's recess.
In the end, she makes a scholarly argument for the benefits of sandboxes, recess and goofing off.

Famous quotes containing the word recess

In a far recess of summer Monks are playing soccer.... more
And though thou notest from thy safe recess Old friends burn dim, like lamps in noisome air Love them for w... more
As long as lightly all their livelong sessions, Like a yardful of schoolboys out at recess Before their pla... more
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