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He is a fool who spends more money than his receipts.
The business tax changes apparently include a gross receipts tax, which is really an awful tax, especially during a downturn.
Gross receipts at the state level will fall, due to less income tax from the workers coming in.
In determining the business income and modified gross receipts tax bases, is only the net gain included in.
We may make an exception if your business is exempt from gross receipts, withholding, or compensating tax by state law.
The clerk records the weight of the farmers coffee cherry and issues them with receipts.
They even contain a compartment where travelers can stow printed itineraries or receipts.
When growth results in more economic activity, governments' revenue receipts increase and red ink is reduced.
The rest comes from higher tax receipts from increased jobs and less unemployment, pollution and health care costs.
He whose expenses exceed his receipts shall come to poverty.
Major sources of government revenue also include fees from offshore financial activities and customs receipts.
Higher crude oil prices countered declining oil production and led to higher budgetary and export receipts.
Note, the electronic credit card machines print the receipts, one of which is signed and retained.
Note that even if you elect to use the debit card, you may still be required to submit receipts to verify your purchases.
Farmers are fourth nationally in agricultural receipts.
Be sure to keep receipts for office supply equipment, computer and other tech equipment.
We're the ones who sat down at the table and sorted through hundreds of receipts.
They are not good for recording notes, keeping track of notes and idea generation or keeping track of receipts.
His poems are submitted the way receipts are submitted, after the fact, a little torn and frayed.
So definitely check your receipts and make sure everything is correct before walking away.
So now, instead of only providing digital receipts, businesses can also print out physical receipts.
Then you take back the credit card and throw the receipts away.
While the industry certainly has its share of piracy problems, they aren't affecting box office receipts.
Box-office receipts so far this year are higher than last year.
Spending on unemployment benefits rises while tax receipts from incomes falls.
To encourage the use of receipts, the government held lotteries for prizes using receipts as lottery tickets.
In good times, politicians only faced issues of distribution: how to spend the tax receipts from a booming banking sector.
Rising income, payroll and corporate tax receipts helped narrow the gap.
Some job seekers will never get any job again what will add welfare cost to missing tax receipts for the government.
These revenues have not made up for the lower property-tax receipts.
They say that in several instances receipts have plainly been falsified.
Road pricing, for example, could generate extra receipts.
Income-tax receipts are coming in far below expectations.
The bulk of its net foreign-currency receipts now comes from capital inflows, not the current-account surplus.
Tax receipts have been falling for years as the population shrinks.
But it does not require that actual receipts equal or exceed statement receipts.
Then there are the people who suggest replacing it with a gross receipts tax.
Surpluses are the result of rising tax receipts and falling outlays.
Of course, that wouldn't be deficit neutral, because the government would be collecting fewer tax receipts.
And in inflation-adjusted dollars our receipts of this kind have actually been declining over the past decade.
At the end of the weekend he totals the receipts and makes the figures public.
He imagined her sitting on the floor between the couches with a pile of receipts before her.
But your desk or kitchen table may be buried under piles of statements and receipts.
Receipts for large ticket items should be kept for insurance purposes.
Home improvement receipts should be kept for six years or permanently.
But the sales receipts weren't adding up, according to the police report.
Movie producers at first fought the spread of taped movies, fearing home viewing would cut into box office receipts.
Annotated receipts capture household food purchases from a broad range of sources.
The entries in this section illustrate the recording of revenues and cash receipts in the accounting records.

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