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Yet almost any kind of pain pill can cause rebound problems if used to excess.
The fortunes of the others mark a sharp rebound since the turn of the year.
Its rebound was such that foresters grew it for pulp production.
Researchers show for the first time that stunted fisheries can rebound with time.
Salmon enjoyed a brief rebound after buyouts of commercial fisheries and the introduction of aquaculture.
The stock market made a valiant try at a rebound yesterday afternoon but could not quite hold onto its gains.
Fisheries now appear poised to rebound instead of suffering the barren years or decades some feared.
Sedative hypnotics carry risks for withdrawal, dependency, and rebound insomnia.
Everywhere else in the nation has seen a pretty solid rebound.
Genetic diversity is considered crucial for a species to survive, especially one that's still struggling to rebound.
When the claw relaxes, the hairs rebound vigorously, throwing the strand away and springing the leg free.
However, the economy is not expected to fall into recession this year, as growth will rebound in the second half.
Still, economists are hopeful the economy will rebound in the second half of next year.
Yet the currency's rebound hardly reflects an economic revival.
Through federal protection, at-risk populations are given the chance to rebound.
Equipment suppliers and backbone providers would finally see their businesses start to rebound.
Reaching a bottom does not mean a quick rebound in economic activity, however.
The nutrient-rich water feeds the fish, and government quotas have helped the herring population rebound.
They sit in darkness, hoping the batteries will rebound.
If monetary policy worked with the same lags as in the past, the world could look forward to a strong rebound next year.
As a result shark stocks are slow to rebound once their populations have been diminished.
But do not mistake the bottom for a vigorous rebound.
For all the labour-market pain, some areas are experiencing a strong rebound.
Find out what solutions the experts suggest, and what regions have had some success helping fish populations rebound.
Even when the price was near its lows last year, the futures market was anticipating a rebound this year.
Pills can make future insomnia worse, too, a drawback called rebound insomnia.
By itself, that might spur a rebound in activity in the second half of the year.
Growth above trend is exactly what you would expect in a rebound from recession.
But it is too early to be optimistic about a rebound in private equity.
They believe that there is a big pent-up demand for travel, and that the business market will rebound.
Observers are also watching closely to see whether enrollments will rebound as the global financial crisis eases.
The country's economy, buoyed by high oil prices, was on the rebound.
Despite last week's rebound, the outlook remains grim.
Soon after the synthetic beak distribution began, hornbill populations started to rebound.
Letting dingoes rebound could act as a check on the spread of other feral mammals.
Under the protocol, a population of a mere half dozen breeding females can rebound.
Today when a basketball player misses a rebound, his coach can blame him for being out of position.
Mountains increase in height due to melting glaciers, becoming higher as they rebound against the missing weight of the ice.
It takes a while to rebound from the pressure and strain placed upon it by the ice.
Optimists argue that the scale of the downturn augurs for a strong rebound.
The rebound in capital markets has pushed revenues back towards pre-crisis levels, and with them compensation pools.
The euro area's rebound is less marked and less impressive.
Whatever the reasons, the differential nature of the rebound has opened a big valuation gap between the countries.
In some industries, notably car production, a rebound is plainly under way.
In general, richer places and richer people are better able to survive and rebound.
When investors get a few days without bad political news, bulls argue, the markets will rebound.
Given its responsiveness to output, a lively rebound in trade is not inconceivable.
But despite the large pool of available unemployed workers, hiring did not rebound.
But the payoff could be huge when car sales rebound.
There have been some signs, though fleeting, of a possible economic rebound.
And if the economy does rebound, the recovery will be mild.
Nor is it uncommon for sectors that have had a poor year to rebound the next year.

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