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It was one that turned her taking care of herself into an act of rebellion against the school.
The power elite in this country has already bunkered down, and expects food riots, shortages and general rebellion.
And his rebellion came at the precise moment that the old social models were also weakening.
Student rebellion against the charade has only narrowly been quelled.
Now, in a few generations, they're supposed to be genetically predisposed to rebellion.
But not without sundry twinges of impotent rebellion against the mild effrontery of this unaccountable scrivener.
Their nascent, tech-fired rebellion has triggered a government backlash and captured the world's attention.
Their success lies in rebellion, quirkiness, and their ability to color outside the lines.
Cuteness got its start as a cowardly form of resistance, a velvet rebellion led by smiley-face emoticons.
It's as broke as the state that funds it, and many of its faculty and students are in open rebellion.
Their resistance set off a rebellion that raged for more than a decade and cost tens of thousands of lives.
The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion.
Even thirty years later, this story of rebellion against a totalitarian government feels relevant.
It does not want to send signals at home that rebellion can ever be justified.
Their rebellion will be overturned: some three-quarters of voters support the cap.
One is his willingness to do whatever it takes to put down the rebellion.
So if some people rebel, others may follow, thinking that their rebellion may be a sign of the regime's weakness.
It was after all, a peasant rebellion that helped the communists to power.
Sometimes truth and virtue require dissent and rebellion.
Despite the popular idea in the modern media, a robot rebellion with artificial intelligence will be extremely unlikely.
Disgusted villagers have been pushed to the brink of rebellion.
It's unclear why these weapons were never used against the rebellion.

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