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Generations were raised on it, and rearing their own with the show, with that big goofy bird and his imaginary friend.
Not a flaw in the superstructure which they are rearing escapes their vigilance.
The whole land is enclosed with high railings, for the farmers have not succeeded in rearing hedges.
The beasts regarded these new vehicles with intense suspicion and had the nasty habit of rearing and running in their presence.
We became committed to rearing the world's first totally benevolent guardian dog.
The trigger is equally resourceful, and tenacious, when it comes to egg rearing.
Everyone was convinced that personality, and especially gender-specific behavior, was determined by rearing.
Burke stopped and looked up at the winged red horse still rearing over the lot.
He wouldn't let me see his rearing-and-processing plant, due to security concerns.
He reasoned that if the social or rearing factor theories were correct, he would expect to see certain things.
She took great joy in participating in the rearing of my brother and myself.
Signs of wild fluctuations in energy and agriculture prices are already rearing their heads.
It provides a mechanism for emotional stability, economic security, and the healthy rearing of the next generation.
Another brown bear was once on this wall, rearing to its full height and roaring directly into the camera.
The costs of rearing a tiger in captivity reach thousands of dollars.
Livestock rearing, selling, and transporting are a major part of the economy for the rural poor.
Thornton owners will want to consider taking a flier on him in his first night back, as he'll be rearing to go.
Anyone who wishes to own a dog should be screened and needs to go to school if they are unfamiliar with dog training and rearing.

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