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Getting hydrogen to these sites seems far from realization.
Brace yourself to a realization of its obviousness and simplicity.
Brace yourself at the realization of its obviousness and simplicity.
But, that realization did not tamp down my creative tendencies.
Chief among these is the realization that every day is a good day to apply for an adjunct job.
The question is how much damage is going to be caused getting to that realization.
Walking on the dock this afternoon was a moment of solemn realization.
The growing familiarity of the statistics does little to ease the painful realization of how disturbing they are.
Obviously something was working in my subconscious and jelled into realization.
It was the realization six or seven years ago that computers would become commodities.
When it's not, that realization may take more time to dawn on them than they have left in the semester.
There would be decreased nepotism and a forced realization that results matter.
As long as you are in rational control of your movements, zero gravity is the realization of a dream.
Finally, a realization that government policy won't answer.
Once that realization was made, discovering them was both easier and more interesting.
There's no real debate once one comes to that realization.
And that small realization was as big as anything he's ever felt.
Achieving this goal and the realization of this possibility is not automatic but fission is.
What is needed is the political will and public realization.
The realization seemed to defy one of the central tenets of a successful raft trip.
The realization of his genius crept up on us without warning.
The second realization was that there is a second tier for electrical connections.
The new arrival, who minutes earlier declared himself happy at last, cracks under the realization that more war lies ahead.
The realization was extraordinarily exciting for me.
For owners of aging pets, this is a painful realization.
Then there was the forlorn realization that time was running out on her football-playing career.
Finally, the realization that academia is a business.
So you had the realization that the phone system couldn't be trusted.
All others are expendable except as they may serve the self's existence and the realization of its goals.
The realization extends to his personal spending habits.
The moment of realization had to come sooner or later, of course.
Mortality presents us with the realization that everyone dies.
And this can only happen when you have some realization that you aren't trapped.
Inflation from coherent source through realization in present moment perception is simultaneous and ubiquitous.
It is also the realization of the whole appropriate content of this rhyme or rhythm.
It goes without saying that these impulses can find realization only in concrete functional expression.
While that realization is bad for a romantic sense of my own life, it's good for getting things done.
The technological singularity were discussing is more the realization of the technology then the actual hardware.
She did not esteem them for their realization of the possibilities of cinematic form.
His breakthrough realization of the relativity of time turned on a series of mental cartoons featuring trains and clocks.
It, too, left an important legacy-the realization that tall buildings had to be designed and built differently.
There must also have been a realization that advances in the biomedical field would be a boon for the state's economy.
Perhaps what is new is the growing realization that it applies to mathematics as well.
It rather seems to me that it is caused by the suppressed realization that his world view needs a serious adjustment.
As designers, this realization is humbling, but also something that can improve our own form.
Outrage at this realization led to substantial new regulations and security requirements for private chemical and nuclear plants.
Sometimes, too, the realization that no one is reading sets in.
But what should be a joyous realization is fraught with tragedy, since both care greatly for their families.
It all gets back to the realization that life is extremely short.

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