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Garden-worthy plants show up at public gardens long before they reach the nurseries.
Astronomy, with its forever-out-of-reach subject matter, might seem the unlikeliest science to translate for touch.
His hands stretch toward the ledge, but it's out of reach.
In that time, doctors must rely on intuition and pattern recognition-this symptom suggests that ailment-to reach a diagnosis.
Launching a radio station is a cheaper way of increasing reach than launching a television channel, but it is still not cheap.
Dozens of countries are racing to reach space before their neighbors do.
Such computers would harness the physical properties of quantum bits, or qubits, to expand the reach of computation.
The control rods absorb neutrons before they can reach the uranium.
And the latest version will wake you up when you reach your stop.
Of these, only the muons have enough penetrating power to reach the ground unscathed.
Six of seven birds tested used the short stick to reach a longer one, which they then used to get their treat.
Train larger trees to a modified central leader to keep fruit within easy reach.
Until recently, that meant the area was out of reach.
Before you reach your goals you have to define them.
Many jobless people, he realized, cannot afford a car to reach a job site.
He bears scars from those times when a project of his failed to reach the public.
Magnetic semiconductors reach higher temperatures.
It seems that something so beautiful shouldn't be this easy to reach.
Global warming has extended the destructive reach of humankind.
Repeat, layering bunches until you reach the cord's end.
Freer trade in financial services is once again within reach.
The delivery trucks can reach their destinations in six minutes using the routing schedule outlined below.
The parts lists and instructions are within easy reach.
Inexpensive galvanized tubs make handy drink coolers to place around the garden within easy reach of thirsty party guests.
All these groups have low nutritional status but reach significantly different average height levels.
Shelving carved into the wall over the tub keeps bathing supplies tucked away, but within easy reach.
It's pretty cool: it shows you the places in your city that you can reach in a given amount of time using public transport.
Reach thousands of attendees at relevant academic conferences at no additional cost.
As campus psychologists go online, they reach more students, but may also risk lawsuits.
Increasingly, advertisers are learning how to reach the same people on other websites, for less money.
Sometimes gazelles can zig and zag out of reach and outlast their often short-winded pursuers.
The engine can operate for weeks at a time and so reach high velocities.
PhD in-hand by time of appointment, and demonstrated accomplishment or promise as a regional expert with a global reach.
Advertisers believe that about half of all traditional advertising does not reach the right audience.
We aimed to reach the arch too-and climb it in his memory.
When hormones, neurotransmitters or chemical attractors reach a cell, they dock to and activate a membrane-spanning receptor.
Perhaps they're trying to reach out to today's kids.
Too bad the mortgage crisis, inflation, and joblessness have put that out of reach.
He dips into a tele turn and screams past me on the opposite reach.
With both sides stymied by not being able to directly reach the other, the war went underground.
Sport can reach the right people, sometimes with remarkable accuracy.
Find the right campground, and even top-dollar destinations are within reach.
Although their circulation has declined, newspapers still reach large audiences.
He explains that he wants to inspire kids to dream their dreams and reach their own goals.
We offer special discounted rates exclusively for publishers who wish to reach these active readers.
Each time you answer correctly, you'll reach a new park.
Counting butterflies could be a good way to reach this goal.
Foreign students say that because university representatives rarely reach out to them, they rely on each.
They can reach deep down below the surface of lakes or in wetlands to grab plants to eat.
Rather scarce and expensive because of time required to reach salable size.
He quickly suggested putting a hooked stick in each room that could be used to reach up and grab the metal hook on the screen.
Find out what causes them and why they turn into a deadly wall of water when they reach the shore.
The weapon fires bullets with microchips that can be programmed to detonate when they reach a specific distance.
Giraffes' long necks are perfectly suited to harvesting tender leaves beyond the reach of other herbivores.
Begin feeding with liquid fertilizer a week or two after plants reach the two-leaf stage.
But if they become confused and head toward lights on a boardwalk or a hotel, they'll be too tired to reach the ocean.
That's why the whole world was trying to reach him for comment.
She deliberately sought, and got, the widest possible reach.
Elsewhere in the world, dinosaurs are beginning to reach enormous sizes and to dominate the terrestrial ecosystems.
Others reach sizes shocking to those who are only familiar with common tree squirrels.
By the time their light might reach us it could be so disperse that it could never be detected.
When you are aspiring to the highest place, it is honorable to reach the second or even the third rank.
The best good that you can possibly achieve is not good enough if you have to strain yourself all the time to reach it.
Sometimes the branch of the fifth fails to reach the skin.
He tried to reach it, and jumped into the fountain, where he died.
He did not reach for the money-he did not know what it was.
They reach back to the earliest days of the medium, yet sponsored films are a mystery to many.
It would take them so long reach a large size that somewhere along the line they would have met their demise.
In two of the experiments, in which the cats had to reach for a toy mouse, the kitties were ambidextrous.
But that changes when they reach about four years of age, the researchers found in their new study.
When peas reach harvesting size, pick all pods that are ready.
It is a semi-dwarf and will reach three to four feet tall and wide upon maturity.
Open shelves put dishware and utensils you use every day within easy reach.
To reach a newly accessible cove, head down the staircase near the entrance.
Make sure you can move a ladder around the perimeter and reach the ceiling.
Her methods work on any kind of evergreen at any size that you can reach with shears.
The outdoor kitchen puts everything within easy reach, with room for three to sit at the counter.
In fact, the team found that the off-line neural activity was highly predictive of the speed of each reach.
The elephants already knew how to use a rope to pull a food-bearing table within reach.
One factor is to reach out to the students and create a welcoming campus.
It's in the bedroom somewhere, probably within reach on a bedside bureau.
Suddenly this idyll is starting to move out of reach.
With the added weight of people and supplies, it would simply take too long for the craft to reach acceleration speed.
Learn how ski jumpers reach new heights by training in wind tunnels.
Tomatoes reach the correct pH if you add lemon juice.
When giant stars reach the final stages of their lives they often detonate in cataclysms known as supernovae.
But these ground-based studies only give information about the limited areas scientists can reach on foot.
They wonder if they can reach out to their communities.
Add drops of food coloring to reach desired shade and mix at low speed until evenly combined.
Continue to feed dough through rollers once at each setting, without folding, until you reach the second to narrowest setting.
We reach the rows of kale, green in a world of white and muted browns.
But they miss plenty, leaving ridiculously easy access to berries you wouldn't otherwise be able to reach.
Continue to feed dough through rollers once at each setting, without folding, until you reach narrowest setting.
The day of days comes, the reach boat is pulled out of the tide.
The lesson is a good one for fiction writers: stories fueled by intentions never reach their boiling point.
Leave an extrovert alone for two minutes and he will reach for his cell phone.
And besides, the arms race between viruses and our genes may mean health is a moving target, one that would be dangerous to reach.
AA says that she felt about to cry since she was held down and could not reach a condom and felt this could end badly.
But this year, our annual remembrances reach beyond our own experiences.
Depending on how you look at things, it has taken humanity a long time to reach this landmark, or practically no time at all.
They're in their own world, beyond the reach of adults.
Show giraffe trying in vain to reach a piece of fruit high on a tree branch.
After you finally reach the other side of the curtains, you're in a lounge with a tuxedoed host from another era.
It's a way to be visible, to escape the fleetingness of performance, and to reach people who will never hear you in concert.
He greeted more visitors after his nap, or took telephone calls, which could reach more than three thousand a month.
They drove their parents' cars in the evening, their seats pushed back and their arms stretched out to reach the steering wheel.
And do not tell me that greatness lies out of your reach, because that would mean your soul is out of your reach.
The movie's scale is small, its subjects are intimate, its artistic reach is immense.
She can see a piece of food through a hole in a plastic box, but she cannot reach it.
Commercial space travel is now almost within reach of ordinary citizens.
Adaptive optics can do nothing about light that doesn't reach the optics in the first place.
There is no way to reach out and physically measure this third dimension.
One reason super wi-fi has the potential to reach so far is the low frequency.
Thanks to dark energy, even the nearby galaxies will begin to recede from us faster than light, and no news of them will reach us.
He imagined our perceptions to be but a faint inkling of a far richer reality that flickers beyond reach.
They know that by hunting together, they can effectively exploit a source of food that they would never be able to reach.
Because a fair amount of mind wandering happens without our ever noticing, the solutions it lets us reach may come as a surprise.
The premise is deceptively simple: the heavier the rocket or its payload, the more fuel it takes to reach orbit.
At some point we'll reach that limit, and then these record-breaking events will come far less often.
Neutrino-based messages could reach recipients before they were sent.
The enzyme is only active at high temperatures--higher than those that a plant's cells would reach while it is alive.
Location-based smart-phone advertising is seen as a potentially valuable way to reach new customers.
They would allow companies to build interactive or video ads that could reach a wide variety of devices.
The world won't run short of petroleum in the next few decades, but there's a limited supply of easy-to-reach oil.
When the coating cracks, the cracks spread downward and reach the underlying channels, which ooze out healing agent.
In this case, the particles always reach some point of equilibrium where the intensity reaches a maximum.
In effect, the software determines what path the light in the scene would have taken to reach each pixel.
Chess requires brilliant thinking, supposedly the one feat that would be--forever--beyond the reach of any computer.
Three-dimensional chips can handle data more efficiently because data has to travel less distance to reach a different component.
Anything that is digital, from software to music, can reach a much broader global audience.
The mountain was dangerous to reach, but never quite inaccessible.
By the time the costs of right-wing anarchism reach the truly privileged, it will be far too late for everyone else.
To that end, they have tried to reach understandings with various political groups.
Some of their research is highly specialized, some trivial, and some in fact of remarkable ambition and interdisciplinary reach.
Ration cards, it is announced, will soon be eliminated-a lifelong dream for many that finally seems to lie within reach.
There is nothing else in the room-except a bare light bulb on the ceiling, well out of reach.
Most dangerously, for the first time, these accidents and abuses are widely within the reach of individuals or small groups.
He believes the cell was underground because one had to descend steps to reach it.
At the peak of the boom both the value of the collateral and the degree of leverage reach a peak.
First the airplane sailed by them almost within reach, with some announcer finding things to say.
Throw the gloves out as soon as you reach your destination-but only after donning fresh ones to remove the infected ones.
She was so possessed by the character that no one could reach her between takes.
They began doing them when they were so little they couldn't reach the sink.
So reach for spices and herbs to help prevent aging.
Nothing can do him any harm, and he's got the whole pharmacopoeia at arm's reach.
He'd reach into the back of his car for the right outfit-maybe a stolen tuxedo, maybe a sports jacket.
It now seems sad and even tragic, the reach for automation by these working pilots, their button-pushing response.
One day soon they may reach a state of perfection: impregnable and pointless.
They slept with their bootlaces tied and their guns loaded and their hand grenades within easy reach in their bunks.
The volume of water at a given time in the channel or over the flood plain of the streams in a drainage basin or river reach.
World oil production is about to reach a peak and go into its final decline.

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