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We'll be raising fruits and vegetables in our test garden, of course.
The raising of a house or ship into the air is a visible miracle.
Overstocking is the great danger threatening the stock-raising industry on the plains.
On raising or removing the middle concha the lateral wall of this meatus is fully displayed.
They now live in the water, sometimes totally submerged, then raising their heads above the surface or swimming upon it.
Liquid, dry, or compressed yeast may be used for raising bread.
The local population earns income from fishing, raising livestock, and sales of handicrafts.
They had all they could do attending to their own business and raising the rent.
Fund raising is a big part of any college president's job.
More than half of nonprofit executives say they have observed unethical fund-raising behavior, a new study has found.
Optimism may be returning to the college fund-raising office-especially for community colleges and public universities.
The rising cost of college could spell trouble for college fund-raising offices.
Optimism is returning to the campus fund-raising office.
In college fund raising, anonymous donors typically aren't truly anonymous.
In some quarters, conviction wavered as to whether the business of fund raising for education was do-able and worth doing at all.
Higher-education fund raising is one of the country's hottest job markets-and colleges are paying for it.
Raising the graduation rate nationally will require many different tools and substantial resources.
The dedication and raising of a totem pole is accompanied by a great potlatch, a public feast often involving lavish gift giving.
But then the ocean did a little awareness raising of its own.
People were still chipping away, raising their heads toward the already-hot blue sky in a kind of triumph.
In another building on campus, he is raising goats that will eventually receive the experimental hearts.
Second, there is a political argument for raising this new revenue from the rich.
But fixing the infrastructure means raising taxes-politically unpalatable even in fat years, and this is not one.
Grandstanding legislators typically demand concessions from the administration before raising the ceiling.
Computers have hugely increased the availability of information, raising the demand for those sharp enough to make sense of it.
Monetary easing is raising growth expectations which is raising real yields.
When that is the case you can keep issuing debt and making interest payments without raising taxes or cutting spending.
Raising the interest rate is an obvious remedy for dealing with rising inflation.
If successful, these exits will provide welcome cash to distribute to investors, easing fresh fund-raising rounds.
He ended up raising more cash because he inspired people.
Raising money will never be easy for the kind of new business that exists only on paper.
What you shouldn't do is give money to charities that are raising money off the disaster.
But the agency has not yet announced a fund-raising programme for this year.
Tougher language requirements at other points of the process are already raising hackles.
Scientists spend too much time raising cash instead of doing experiments.
All parents struggle to find the right balance between encouragement and discipline when it comes to raising their kids.
Several theories, including some regarding the arms' role in raising these animals from the ground, have long been kicked around.
At first the effort was called quixotic and impossible, given the scale of the problem and the difficulty in raising corals.
Organic and free-range certifications cover different aspects of raising chickens for food.
In addition, warmer temperatures cause excess melting of ice caps and glaciers, raising sea levels and flooding estuaries.
People became experts in raising their livestock and moved frequently based on the weather and the availability of food and water.
If you are curious about raising chickens in the city, there are plenty of online resources to point you in the right direction.
The nickname arises from its tendency to swim close to the surface, raising its dorsal fin above the water.
The idea was that by raising animals that met such standards, small local farmers might stanch the loss of ancestral lands.
Obviously, this is not the best time in the world to be raising charitable funds for any cause.
Then, last summer, his campaign seemed to spontaneously combust in a puff of fund-raising troubles and staff intrigue.
He is raising a din of clanking pots and clumsy feet, so loud you figure he must be doing it on purpose.
It also seeks to finance long-term investments in manufacturing, alternative energy, and education by raising taxes on the rich.
But the communications with the dead went by without raising a single goose bump on this suggestible viewer's skin.
Raising the debt limit is necessary as a matter of preserving a functioning government.
Along the way, he is raising a big red flag to those who want to use brain scans to peer into the heads of suspected criminals.
Oil prices directly affect the production costs of food by raising the price of tractor fuel and fertilizers.
The shift is raising concerns about how innovative energy technologies will be commercialized.
Tubes with heated oil flow into the molten salts, raising the temperature even higher, and the salts retain the heat energy.
The cloud is also raising new questions about privacy and security.
The close relationship to the insurance industry in this case should be raising every red flag.
The group's money-raising efforts are off to a promising start.
But all this computer glasnost might cause a little eyebrow raising.
Raising free-range livestock is a low-tech proposition.
For one thing, raising a camera to your face can drastically change the flow of conversation.
As these two articles make clear, new technologies are raising critical questions of public policy that must be answered soon.
Besides, raising a handset's power level kills its batteries.
Thus, the software avoids raising alarms unnecessarily.
The campaign succeeded in raising both consumer awareness and response.
The ethanol program fails to reduce emissions and incidentally hurts poor people all over the world by raising the price of food.
There will be a vote on raising the debt ceiling in late spring or summer.
Briefly they triumphed, raising hopes among the impoverished local peasantry and gathering a group of supporters.
Instead of raising taxes on health insurance, the administration has decided to cut taxes on out-of-pocket spending.
For a writer, such an event has the effect of raising the stakes.
In both, medical examiners showed a knack for raising more questions than they could resolve.
But really, by the time you pay people's expenses and taxes, you don't wind up raising that much.
Raising humorous, empathetic, well-adjusted kids whose favorite place to collapse is my couch.
And the restaurant was silent-no music, nobody raising their voices.
LaRouche's network is maintained by various security, intelligence, and fund-raising divisions.
They design fine subs, but have no experience in raising them.

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