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These virtues were supported by an uncommon spirit of prayer and retirement, and a great purity and innocence of manners.
If purity is desirable eliminate the money and fame.
They are two symbiotic things that when they work together, the purity of truth comes out to all who will listen.
TO protect the purity of drinking water, water companies usually try to keep the public off the land around their reservoirs.
The lotus is venerated because of its exceptional purity.
Add the word organic, and the purity of milk's image only increases.
It all depends on the purity of the individual soldier.
To engineers, a graphic on a screen is pointless and detracts from the purity of science.
Those who held a self-image of cleanliness and purity made more harsh moral judgements on social issues.
When they were interred here, they must have appeared as symbols of purity amongst the decay.
Beauty for him was purity, a purity which might realize itself in noble action.
And the purity of its whiteness and its simple shape are elegant design elements.
In religious circles, this characteristic makes the lotus leaf a symbol of purity.
The difference is due partly to water purity-the blue ones are found in the clearest water.
He often appeared to target personal foes, a factor that later hindered his lyrical purity.
The result is incredible color purity and image resolution.
There is a purity, a simplicity, about the voting-rights fight that is sadly absent from many modern civil-rights battles.
Treatment admissions, drug purity and meth lab incidents all dropped substantially.
The water seemed as unearthly in its beauty and purity as the gigantic sculpturing that held it.
Free of the requisite need to be fashionable, they concentrate on design and illustration purity-and they are having fun.
Meanwhile, scientists and instrument makers were developing a polariscopic method for measuring the purity of sugar samples.
Or perhaps, seen from the other side: freedom from oppression, purity from decadence.
The separation of genes is crucial: the purity of each breed, or sub-breed, is zealously preserved and protected.
The white meat symbolizes purity, and serving the entire bird represents unity.
Quantum dots can also improve efficiency and color purity of displays.
The composer seemed to be hesitating at a fork in the road, between hyper-complexity and a kind of minimalist purity.
Without commentary, the image came across with purity and a sacred, ritualistic quality.
It is, therefore, not surprising that the question of purity of drinking water has invaded the business office.
Both are rich in harmonics: the overtones above the primary frequency of a sound that give it resonance and purity.
The link between bodily cleanliness and moral purity is evident throughout the world's cultures.
So ideally you would want large amounts of the same molecule at high purity in a large volume and a high concentration.
When visiting, she indulged her naïve fantasies about the purity and simplicity of peasant life.
Any difference in quality comes from the purity of the water and the alcohol, and from the manner and amount of filtration.
Competing brands of bottled water glisten in refrigerated displays, vying with one another in proclamations of health and purity.
He had staked his campaign in part on the purity of his opposition to the war.
He showed the romance of its past, the nobility of its ideal, the purity of its forms of prayer.
Moreover, the sacred quest on which he had now entered demanded of him perfect purity of life.
On the other hand, the moral purity of the king's court is acknowledged.
He preached the truth in its purity, without flattering the great.
It was an emblem of purity and the sanctifying influence of a holy life on others.
It prizes ideological purity above accommodation, even when that means fighting the government from within the government.
Courtesy, purity of taste, fineness of style are maintained without intermission.
Their purity and extraordinary depth give the lakes a blueness of indescribable intensity.
There was a purity to the old way, but something was missing: a profit stream.
The act allows natural supplements to be marketed without any proof of their purity, safety or efficacy.
If the purity of people power's message remains unblemished today, its political legacy is more complicated.
Right now, there's a certain sense of amateurism and purity to the sport.
Fear of pesticides ignites a squabble over the purity of produce.

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