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Her reaction was so overtly prudent it sent the others into an unprecedented panic.
In any case, it's prudent to limit your intake of high-sodium processed and prepared food.
You'd think that by now prudent management and sustainable fishing would be more of a reality.
The movie's prudent cultural economy suggests otherwise.
Of course, to the extent that such drugs pose health risks, it's prudent to restrict their use.
And it behooves teachers to fill in the gaps wherever their professional judgment deems it necessary or prudent.
Taking that into consideration, it is prudent to reexamine the experiment and look for missing factors.
It would be prudent to move them into well-guarded centralized locations.
It seems to me only prudent to protect something, that without, you would be impotent.
Prudent gamblers and investors all know about hedging.
Such control may be prudent at one stage of the malady and not at a later stage.
They don't want us to be prudent and pay off our loans.
Saving more indicates that people are exercising prudent fiscal behavior.
But even if the exchange is designed well, it falls to consumers to make prudent choices about their insurance.
It is time to quit being cheap and prudent and to start drowning our enemies in resources and energy.
She was generous, amiable, interesting: she was everything but prudent.
Moderate rationing might be a prudent way to control costs.
In that case, counting on poor alien marksmanship might not be prudent.
These issues may obviously come up without warning, and having a well considered disclosure position is prudent.
Know prudent, cautious, self-control is wisdom's root.
No accidents are so unlucky but that the prudent may draw some advantage from them.
All intellectual and artistic ambitions are permissible, up to and even beyond the limit of prudent sanity.
The investment seeks maximum real return, consistent with preservation of real capital and prudent investment management.
The investment seeks maximum total return, consistent with preservation of capital and prudent investment management.
The investment seeks maximum real return, consistent with preservation of capital and prudent investment management.
But the agency is prudent in proposing wider testing.
If they are compliant they will suppress these individual urges for what they know to be good, prudent, and respectable.
He'd learned early that it was prudent to get the data in the bag before you crowed over a new discovery.
Another few birthdays and it will be prudent to have a physician regularly poke around my prostate.
The only prudent conclusion is that they are the products of intelligent design, not evolution.
Regardless, if you are implying the intermittency of wind and solar, that is a matter of prudent planning.
Some people should be more prudent that they currently are.
Advanced the cause of biotechnology by demonstrating its prudent investment value.
For a household, if my revenue drops, it would be prudent to reduce my spending.
Complete reliance on computer models to predict climate change wouldn't be prudent.
Good health and well being come from self examination, a willingness to change and the prudent use of modern medicine.
Thus, it is recommended that it would be prudent to type the host lineage to understand the context of the disease vector.
Inflation is punishing the prudent savers and allowing the debtors to ignore the reality of their position.
Prudent but poor households will be the first to suffer.
Buying the swap and the security makes you a prudent investor.
To be sure, the financial sector can benefit from prudent investment strategies and reduced leverage on their balance sheets.
Buy-out firms that go ahead with listings this year are likely to be prudent with the money they raise.
With hindsight, a more gradual upgrade might have been more prudent.
Fiscal multipliers will probably be lower in heavily indebted economies than in prudent ones.
When extinction is becoming commonplace, a better understanding of its mechanisms is prudent.
Strong export prices resulted in sustainable external surpluses, and prudent fiscal management ensured internal balance.
We felt it was prudent to delay these decisions until the financial acquisition was complete.
Touring with a professional guide is a prudent option.
If you have limited money, that's the prudent thing to do.
All this under the kind of prudent financial regulation that seems to have gone missing in the developed world of late.
Every personal watercraft shall at all times be operated in a reasonable and prudent manner.

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