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Apart from a propensity to pounce on prey, cats' aloof elegance has long made them the choice for animal companionship.
But odder still is the coyote's propensity for breeding with wolves.
In his journal he wrote that he was not bothered by the residents' propensity for cannibalism.
Educators have mixed feelings about this propensity to cluster together.
For some reason they get into problems and seem to blame their life on this propensity for having trouble.
Even though the unhappy propensity to see each meeting as a farewell is becoming a real disease.
In this last respect, to tell the truth, he has a propensity to be somewhat too ready.
When you wreak that much havoc, one has to put a check on one's propensity to see the good in people.
Instead, kids start with a strong, powerful propensity to believe all of these things.
To watch: the correspondence between presidential approval and one's propensity to vote.
Some researchers speculate that genetic propensity may work in concert with environmental causes.
There is little else to her personality, aside from her propensity for falling into peril.
Marginal tax rates do not impact people's propensity to work that much.
It has a metallic coat, flashing green eyes, wobbly knees and a propensity to wag its tail when you pat its head.
The words and rhythms in music take advantage of our propensity for language.
On the contrary, the presence of an atmosphere decreases the propensity of water to boil.
As well, what and how it contributes to the geometrical propensity of this universe.
Religion makes that propensity so much worse by focusing our attention on something that should be barely noticeable.
Otherwise the propensity to release convicts on parole would be pointless.
The startling lack of moderation and propensity for hyperbole from both sides has me turned off to the whole thing.
Humans have shown a propensity for finding ever denser sources of energy, from wood to charcoal to coal to oil to uranium.
Our dark side is driven by a evolution-based propensity toward predation and dominance.
The tension of non-symmetry pushes nature's propensity of balance towards growth.
Effective profiling targets specific groups that have a propensity for terrorism.
One thing that you don't find is a general propensity for people to have supernatural beliefs.
Our propensity to look for a balance between familiarity and novelty in music may have an evolutionary explanation.
Mining isn't a particularly popular industry, given the propensity to insult the planet in order to get at ores.
Sadly, the national propensity towards suicide isn't limited to the famous and troubled.
Among the lessons learned was to prepare for athletes' propensity to travel heavy.
They include a propensity to take risks over and above the normal, and a desire to create wealth.
For a start, the four collaborative species are unrelated, suggesting that a propensity for cohesion has evolved independently.
And their propensity to be spectacularly wrong seems not to damage their business at all.
They were thus able to distinguish the quick from the dead by colour, rather than propensity to wriggle.
They must take drugs which suppress the activity of their immune systems-and thus their propensity to reject foreign tissues.
His downfall is due in large part to his propensity to lie his way out of personal difficulties.
Some have been quick to mock what they see as the government's increasing propensity to meddle.
Sadly, it is true that such a propensity can exist whether a relative is terminally ill or not.
Russians' propensity to die violently is probably unprecedented in industrialised societies at peace.
Yet the difficulties of waging a propaganda war go beyond the propensity of some western leaders to stuff feet in mouths.
Yet the prospect of a first face-to-face meeting provides a natural check on people's propensity to exaggerate.
Humans are ripe with a natural, inherent propensity for exploration and discovery.
Hydrogen is the lightest of all gases, but has a propensity to catch fire.
The writer would have been better served dealing more at length with the propensity to use needless prepositions.
Both are demonstrating unfortunate human propensity for demonizing others.
The wireless companies know consumer behavior patterns, and they know the propensity of people to switch plans due to costs.
Certain breeds have a genetic propensity to bark, such as the herding breeds.

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