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Example sentences for pronouncement

Of course, this pronouncement keeps getting trotted out by people who haven't a clue or have an agenda.
They have a set theme, or they work through a set pronouncement.
Though a characteristically exaggerated pronouncement, it is undeniable that there is a soup├žon of truth in it.
How refreshing, a science report without a paid political pronouncement.
But often they don't cooperate, spiraling higher with each bullish pronouncement.
Jobs was the one whose every pronouncement on the future of technology earned the rapt attention of the mainstream press.
So began a successful career of bluster and pronouncement.
His is the voice of authority, of donnish pronouncement.
Furthermore, if recessions can feature lengthy upturns perhaps the panel should have waited even longer to make its pronouncement.
It was the justices' first major pronouncement on gun rights in history.
Once, he called me up to ask about some new papal pronouncement.
Only then can the patriarch make a pronouncement, which has to be in keeping with the mind of the synod.
Many eminent scientists would worry over the implications of such a pronouncement.
My doctor's formal pronouncement roused me to action.
Equates own opinions, typically presented in grand poobah pronouncement mode, with solid evidence.
However, it hurts when you hear such a drastic pronouncement about your country.
The pronouncement sent petroleum traders into a temporary selling frenzy.
It was a bold, defiant pronouncement and quite unnecessary.
Evaluating paramedic comfort with field pronouncement: development and validation of an outcome measure.

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