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But, in theory, higher water rates can also help to promote conservation.
Instead of any diminution, there is need of a great increase of disinterested exertion to promote the good of others.
All the political changes of the age promote it, since they all tend to raise the low and to lower the high.
Indeed, it was semi-official, and called to promote the public good.
The solution was to promote the eating of apples as a healthy snack.
Ideally, the two-week event gives a network a chance to promote upcoming series and to reinforce its image.
Hoarding causes shortages, but shortages also promote more hoarding.
These disparate interests work against regional planning and promote sprawl.
Indeed, the true purpose of such plans is usually not to promote saving but to prevent consumption.
Our goal is to promote and highlight people who are genuine and have a skill that others might learn from.
Maybe more store visits will help promote their movies.
The mandate of the agency is to promote fear in the interest of national security.
But temporary tax cuts could promote spending: national insurance charges and value added taxes are obvious candidates.
They discover and promote emerging talent, and help established designers refine and enlarge their aesthetic and commercial goals.
Mount a broad-scale public-education effort to promote saving.
Strange though it may seem, sometimes the best way to promote peace is by practicing war.
Promote those deserving friends too humble to promote themselves and you'll be tending the entire social-network ecosystem.
To promote sales, publishing companies often require the author to keep a novel's ending exclusive to its print version.
We promote and fund natural and cultural conservation projects.
Have students individually list factors that would promote or hinder the spread of new strains of flu.
Tell students to take notes, because they will be making a brochure to promote their ecotourism venture.
The aim is to highlight the perils of plastic and promote recycling.
Pollution and physical barriers to root growth promote loss of urban tree cover.
We publish these annual surveys in part to promote public discussion and action in support of destination stewardship.
In return, the fungus gains from having the ants promote its growth and protect it from predators and parasites.
Snake bile is used to clear up your phlegm and stomach, and to promote joint health.
Learn about efforts around the nation to preserve farmland and promote environmentally responsible farming practices.
If they don't charge me a fee to shoot, they get free pictures to use to promote their facilities.
The report appears designed to promote the tenuous concept that invasive giant snakes are a national threat.
Promote and support and environment that's focused on teaching and student learning.
In contrast, both search and threading promote more effective finding.
The traditional role of a vice president for academic affairs is to promote and maintain a distinctive academic vision.
Refrain from using athletes' images and likenesses to promote commercial products.
In both cases their views and conclusions came first, and the science came afterward as a tool to promote their beliefs.
In animals, fructose-rich diets increase the production of fat and promote resistance to the energy-regulating hormone insulin.
Researchers claim that clean smells thus promote moral behavior.
Most importantly it seems to say exercise and healthy diet that promote blood flow to the brain and all vital organs seem to help.
Astronauts and crews are carefully selected, trained, and monitored to minimize risks and to promote health and safety.
Still, adding fluoride to drinking water to promote dental health is a myth.
Biodiversity will be the big loser as these low-oxygen zones knock out some species and promote others.
Life depends on the use of stored energy, and it acts to catalyze this energy and thereby promote entropy.
The use of cannabis is popularly know to promote relaxation.
They want to promote science literacy through great story telling in a character-driven story.
Promote health by curbing junk-food marketing to kids.
The entertainment value of the family helps promote my palace.
Roses, she says, had been using her foundation to promote his own ambitions.
The format allows her to promote civil society and human rights without getting in the face of the country's leaders.
The choice is should our government actively own and promote predatory gambling.
The second is to change their management practices, in particular to promote local managers.
Poorer countries have tried to promote chosen industries as a way of speeding up economic development.
Many applicants expected the firm to promote itself to them rather than the other way around.
For this to curb an epidemic would require an enormous public-health campaign of the sort used to promote vaccination.
In particular, they disrupt the immune systems of animals such as fish, cause hormonal imbalances and promote tumours.
One popular way to fight traffic is to promote public transport.
Yet governments remain susceptible to the idea that such projects can help to diminish regional inequalities and promote growth.
In these species, males' testosterone levels increase in the spring, to promote aggression against potential rivals.
Rather than displacing existing products and services, many innovations promote and satisfy new demands.
Downplaying the crisis has been good for confidence, but doesn't help promote much-needed reforms, he notes.
The trees shade the streams and wood-falls create lagoons that promote ideal conditions for salmon.
And yet more can be done to promote the diffusion of mobile phones.
The downside, of course, is that natural selection doesn't promote an individual's survival past reproductive age.
Substances released by some tumors, including prostate cancer, enhance clot-busting and thus promote bleeding.
Sure, putting the keyboard and screen together might promote poor posture.
Expanding the balloon is known to injure the blood vessel, prompting release of factors that promote healing and growth.
So fathers silence genes that slow down growth, and mothers silence genes that promote growth.
Scientists should promote understanding the universe, not trying to sound cool.
In this case, it's also another excuse to promote the notion of an insidious, omnipresent white privilege.
Some promote the fact that they donate a proportion of their profits to charity.
The fashion designer goes to to promote the business suit.
The new catalysts promote these reactions, and so reduce the amount of energy wasted as the cells are charged and discharged.
V ideo teleconferencing is often touted for its potential to promote better communications and curb expensive travel.
Evaporative cooling--blowing air across a wet surface to promote evaporation--has long been used in so-called swamp coolers.
Open research in all the sciences will only promote better economics through innovation.
Plus he's a governor at a nearby college, where he helps promote integration.
The presence of a photojournalist is used in some places to promote an agenda.
At any moment, site managers can see which pieces are faring well and which poorly and can promote or bury them accordingly.
It is thus a program to promote not only democracy but also regime change.
His ensuing road show tour to promote his populist agenda has showcased his rapport with voters.

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