proliferate in a sentence

Example sentences for proliferate

The nuclei of the primitive sheath proliferate, and finally absorption of the axons and fatty substance occurs.
Social organizations proliferate but it is clear that they serve individual yearnings.
They'll only proliferate, and at an increasing rate worldwide.
Weapons proliferate, including explosives and rockets in unguarded piles.
As companies work their way down the income pyramid, the problems proliferate.
Bedbugs continue to proliferate because people in general behave as if the problem will take care of itself.
One might say that they proliferate because they are simple, but these factors are not necessarily related.
Without that suppression, the pathogen can proliferate enough until it expresses quorum sensing and causes disease.
Even as forms of radiation seemed to proliferate, theory was driving physics the other way, toward consolidation.
What if the moons crust is stronger in areas where craters proliferate and faults naturally occur where craters are scarce.
The small percentage that are cancer-causing can continue to proliferate.
Now the custom of private hideaways is turning public as chic little hotels proliferate.
Over the next two days, the parasites continue to devour and proliferate stealthily.
But as dispensaries proliferate, lawmakers are cracking down.
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