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In folklore the pig is considered an animal of progress because it moves forward while rooting around for food.
The arts do not progress but move along by surges and sags.
Both sites are still works in progress, and each invites you to help it fill many holes in species descriptions and photographs.
However, even quick progress in the world of transmission is slow.
It is a commonly held view that evolution implies progress, even among those who believe in natural selection.
After some procrastination, it has also continued the progress in education.
The alternative viewpoint, that striving for progress today benefits future generations, has gone out of fashion.
The big data revolution has unleashed a complex relationship between economic growth and social progress.
Further progress may generate profound economic change, they say.
Yet his work is historically of great value as marking the progress and scope of foreign influences.
Progress was not attained by new departures, by sudden originalities, or by deliberate leadership on new ways.
Upon this condition depends all our spiritual progress.
Trace the expedition's progress, meet the key players, and learn about places you can visit.
Team members will post regular expedition dispatches updating audiences on their progress and their findings.
But nitrous oxide emissions, which are being released at a rate of about ten million tons a year, may thwart that progress.
But the fact that authorities are even acknowledging that wastewater agriculture exists is progress, the report says.
In the year following the devastating quake, there has been slow progress in rebuilding the country.
Anthropologists debunk another myth of evolutionary progress.
Choose a feature to learn more, and to find an exemplary city and link about progress.
Genetically tailored approach could slow disease progress.
We must progress, however, the human race is about mechanical progress without matching it with philosophical progress.
The fate of an island chain's president may mean more--or even less--progress to combat climate change.
Global networking, heterogeneous funding and fortunate political timing have allowed the project to progress rapidly.
Building to stricter standards adds cost and difficulty to projects that many communities see as vital economic progress.
By taking on less divisive problems, politicians could make real progress without spurring outrage.
Tales of the work's delayed progress have almost upstaged the new fiction itself.
It's progress to try nourish the mind of your daughters.
The convicted embezzler will visit the officer at stated periods to report on his progress.
Human progress has often been made in the space between idealism and savagery.
The driver stopped twice en route to telephone in his road progress.
There were narrow breaks in the walls that gave way to open dens, each containing a work in progress.
In addition, many students enroll part time, which can affect their progress toward graduation.
Any real changes will have to involve society as a whole, and any real progress will take considerable time, he says.
As a result, improvement in higher education will come as the result of rigorous measurement of student progress and achievement.
Creating an online tool that makes it easier for students and advisers to monitor progress toward a degree.
Continued funding is dependent on student progress and availability of funds.
Master's degree with doctorate in progress required.
But in spite of some progress, the overall picture of access to college for low-income students is sobering.
But at this early date, despite all the progress, many questions still remain.
We've been living in a unique period of accelerating technological progress.
Military-backed efforts to find an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress are making sluggish progress.
After five years of steady progress, scientists are now edging closer and closer to mastering real-world invisibility.
Set a goal and the app delivers voice reports on your progress.
Tissue engineering has been around for years, and researchers have made major progress in the last decade.
Many of those links should be periodically revisited to find out what progress is being made.
We only recently got public confirmation that next-gen console efforts are, in fact, in progress at both companies.
They symbolize much that has been lost to progress wide-open spaces, self-sufficiency and a sense of unabridged freedom.
In the process of observing the behavior and progress of these apes, the visitor is stimulated to think in news ways.
We follow their progress and their battles as they struggle to understand how life works.
Meanwhile, tourists are still welcome to explore the rock art freely, and talks are in progress to build a visitor center.
And over the decades she worked on it, you can trace her laborious progress.
Once having obtained the vote, everything else-all progress up to the present moment-became possible.
We're making progress with trachoma, which is the leading cause of preventable blindness in the world.
The bestiary you face as you progress through the game is varied.
To slow its progress, opponents call its social effectiveness a myth.
Long after he ceased to feel the movement of time, he faded completely from its progress.
The beginning of this chase marked the end of what had been three-quarters of a century of progress.
After the first burst of information, progress was slow.
Moderate progress was the name of the game-in your results, if not in the campaign rhetoric.
The bulldozer pushing over the pine tree stands for progress.
They wore wool pants and sweaters and hats, and it was only from a distance that their progress looked effortless and unimpeded.
Despite these obstacles, the campaign against polio has made immense progress.
Your story has been one of incredible, unrelenting progress for sixty-one years.
Despite the progress, they won't lack for challenges.
My goal, now as then, is not to demean valuable ongoing research but to challenge excessive faith in scientific progress.
In the midst of the ongoing controversy, scientists have made notable progress in understanding autism.
Allowed to progress, severe hypothyroidism can drop the body into a deadly coma.
Although they share a name, the two types of diabetes occur and progress in distinct ways.
People have made progress but certainly don't know all the answers.
But those disorders usually progress over hours or days.
Nonetheless, researchers have made great progress in elucidating the underlying causes of the disorder.
It takes about five years for a rubber tree to grow from a seed to productive maturity, so progress was slow.
Despite significant progress unearthing ancient settlements, archaeologists still haven't found an answer.
Nonetheless, the study helpfully shows that evolution is not necessarily about progress.
In all of these areas there's been quite a lot of progress, but huge gaps remain.
Biologically, the foot remains a work in progress, and it needs a lot more help from the shoe industry than it's getting.
Mathematicians have made some progress on the problem, but only by simplifying it so much that it has little relevance to reality.
And let us admit that where there is less religion there is more progress.
But, in order to make any on progress on these particular kinds of repairs, full-time attention is required.
The innovations and progress of medicine, however, translate logarithmically into the number of human lives prolonged and saved.
For me, everything is a work in progress with room for improvement.
She reached for another oyster while keeping an eye on my progress.
Progress in this country depends upon maneuvering around this solid bloc of recalcitrant dunces.
Political progress cannot take place unless you have the fundamental elements of a security situation.
Innovation is critical to economic growth and progress, and yet it seems so random.
Progress has already been made with viruses as vectors.
But progress has been more tangible on the diagnostics side.
But, in the labs, scientists are making rapid progress in turning this promising research field into actual medicine.
Such advances mark a turning point after decades of slow progress.
And it has also made progress on discovering drug candidates.
Scientists have already made remarkable progress in overcoming this neural blockade by developing new ways to stimulate muscles.
But in the last few years their budgets have been constrained while the private sector has made tremendous technical progress.
The project to reverse-engineer the human brain is making similar progress.
For instance, researchers have made impressive progress in developing treatments using stem cells.
After several weeks, he's ready to lecture about his progress.
Subjective reports don't give developers enough information to know whether they're making progress.
The fabrication of objects and devices on the scale of nanometers has been making rapid progress in the physical sciences.
But progress hasn't been as fast as pharmaceutical companies had hoped.
Progress in science is sometimes made by great discoveries.
Progress in science is often built on wrong theories that are later corrected.
Postponing the final outcome makes any progress hostage to extremists on both sides.
Of course one should not too lightly dismiss the progress that has been made, or oversimplify the divisions.
Biology has made extraordinary progress over the last century by following a relentlessly reductionist road.
Trails in the forest are typically narrow, so people must progress in single file.
Progress means abundance: more labor-saving machines, more comforts, more choices.

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