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In addition the Museum hosts art exhibitions that represent the principal artistic styles and periods of world cultures.
New rules put an emphasis on reducing principal (ie, loan balances).
After being scolded by the principal when students were caught reading her work in class, Jackson put the stories aside.
The principal limitation to its effectiveness is that effective government enforcement is required.
To that simply put but remarkably ambitious mission there are two principal aspects.
The principal of fasting is making our organs rest more.
If you're still in your home at the end of the interest-only period, you'll have to start paying off the principal.
Since falling yields raise the value of bond principal, that has delivered bumper returns to investors.
It is the principal or sole vendor of record with a number of retailers where books are not the dominant product offering.
The girl's principal feature is the long beautiful hair that is hanging down her back.
Raptor really doesn't need any of the principal characters, though.
But as more and more people came to rely on potatoes as a principal food source, the stage was set for a national tragedy.
One of his principal ideas is the difficulty of forecasting given the role of chance and extreme events.
They consider inflation's principal determinants to be the gap between aggregate supply and demand and the public's expectations.
What they actually suggest is using casein, the principal protein found in milk.
When stock yields rise, everybody holding a bond sees their principal value fall.
The principal aim was to use human intelligence to prevent future attacks.
The principal part of a famously fabricated dinosaur fossil is an ancient fish-eating bird, scientists report.
Working in pairs, ask students to send to the headmaster or principal the postcard that pops up at the end of virtual exhibit.
Before receiving an application form, each principal investigator must submit a pre-application form online.
The factory has now been replaced by the office as the principal workplace in developed countries.
When the trust terminates, the principal goes to your heirs.
Project backers said the mission's principal goal was to demonstrate the feasibility of solar-sail-powered flight.
Some questions really call for you to begin by laying out the principal ideas or goals before you describe particulars.
The principal resistances encountered by an aeroplane when in flight are those due to the lift and the head surface.
Your claim that religion is not the principal cause of wars, misery and mayhem is totally false.
With house prices still falling, it's natural that we're still talking about a program to do principal write-downs on home loans.
But some believe the key might be for principal reductions to become more prevalent.
His principal advice to clients, he said, was to act normally and refrain from casting any spells in the courtroom.
Each of these principal arteries gives origin to two different systems of secondary vessels.
It has three principal diameters: antero-posterior, transverse, and oblique.
The remaining and principal part of the chiasma consists of two sets of fibers, crossed and uncrossed.
Cold soup, cold soup clear and particular and a principal a principal question to put into.
Let us take first the three principal products of human intelligence-religion, art, and philosophy.
Yet such dispensations were not allowed in any of the principal churches.
The position of the words in a sentence is the principal means of showing their relationship.
But solitude is not my principal reason for visiting.
Off and on, he edited pieces of mine for thirty years and was my principal editor for more than a decade.
The principal actors and much of the crew had to be scuba-certified.
In the parlor, the principal adornments are two saddles, each in a corner on a sawhorse.
It has the first, second and third principal components of variation.
The principal reason predictions of string theory are not well defined is that the theory is not finished.
He proselytized relentlessly, recruited scientists to the field, and began framing the principal questions to be answered.
It works on the principal of the carnival spinning ride where the floor drops out and folks are pinned to the wall.
There are a number of clever ways that will mandate how the principal will be handled.
Discharges of qualified principal residence indebtedness.
The anthropic principal may well be valid can't say.
In fact, unregulated derivatives were a principal source of the risk-taking that brought down the financial system.
One of the principal aims of the current health care legislation is to improve the quality of care.
The next two days were spent sitting on the floor of the principal studio rediscovering these treasures.
The principal drug was cocaine, which people injected into their veins, or smoked in the form of crack.
His father was the principal of an elementary school where a third-grader once threatened him with a knife.
The usual problems were cited-falloff in corporate sponsorship being, no less usually, the principal one.
The principal minus was that his plane carried only enough fuel for nine hours and forty minutes of flight.
Her principal was outraged, she says, and asked her father to get her to write something else.

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