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Example sentences for presume

He was known for his stage moves, which some presume influenced Presley.
We can't even presume to know it all.
Just don't presume that I say this from a position of privilege.
It is too soon to presume that harmony will prevail.
In considering this question, I presume that we all know what the law says.
They did not presume that they had the answers, but they asked lots of questions.
The authors do, perhaps, presume a little much here and there.
The stranger didn't presume to know what was best, offer unsolicited advice or launch into religious sermons, she says.
The above methods presume that students are already motivated to learn.
Critics say this is a sign that the courts did not presume his innocence.
That's led many to presume that the same would hold true for the military.
However, it does presume an ability to distinguish between what is serious and what is trivial, which is sometimes lacking.
But it did presume that satellite- and aircraft-mounted sensors would support the fighting units on the ground.
It seems fair to presume that every war will result in inadvertent civilian casualties.
One would presume that entrepreneurs and those who extend them credit understand the risks and take them on willingly.
Yet discussions about national strategy seem to presume otherwise.
We'll presume that will remain the case even for the final three games.
During his closing remarks at trial, the prosecutor argued that the jury could presume the defendants were guilty.
We have reliable information that makes us presume there is criminal intent behind these fires.
That's where you get ignorant people, because they presume to know something, but they really don't know.
One might presume that it plays in an improper manner.
The student must always presume that the professor does not know as much about the student as the student thinks they know.
We have nothing but statistical data to presume there is life on other planets.
They presume that a subsequent generation of mating would result in further regression back to the mean.
These models presume the existence of one essential reality that prevails with us or without us.
It would be rather mean of me to presume that this was deliberate intent on their part.
RV, in terms of resources, let's presume that the process will indeed be more efficient energy wise.
For example, one can't presume that religious people are always going to be more fertile than irreligious people.
They presume to judge all societies by a common metric, when the reality is that that's not feasible.
It would be a mistake to presume that either source of data is better in principle.
If not, then please do not presume to speak for them.
It would be wrong to presume guilt on anyone's part at the beginning of an investigation.
And that tends to make them more inclined to presume innocence.
Both of you should be utterly ashamed at the patronising way in which you presume to treat half the world's population.
It does not presume to answer anything other than that.
Since there are large amounts of spiral galaxies, one need reasonably presume that there is some general mechanism at work.
The former practice was to presume that argument was waived unless requested.
We presume that you are a motivated office worker and want to change paper use practice in your organization.
And when you buy movie tickets, you can presume the terms of your purchase won't change after you leave the window.

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