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However, outside the convent and its commitment to prayer and simple living was the world of the market-place.
Lots of people spin the prayer wheels with prayer beads in their hands.
The ancestors of birds may have taken to the air on four wings and a prayer.
But working out the precise time for each prayer and for fasting times is more complicated.
There were also prayer beads that retired people carry around to bless themselves for their next life.
But what's particularly intriguing is how the developers incorporated prayer as a central game mechanic.
And please, it has nothing to do with prayer in school.
The author claimed that healing due to prayer is testable and can be in a controlled environment.
Ritual art-used to connect with the spiritual world through prayer and supplication-can still be found in caves and shrines.
When there is little or nothing you can do individually to change a situation, prayer offers something positive that can be done.
AA is not a religion, but it accepts that prayer and mediation helps.
Gunshots echoed all night in the hills until a distant prayer call announced it was morning.
Several hours later, jet lag proved no match for religious authority as a muezzin's predawn chant led the call to prayer.
Inside each one of these cans there is a piece of paper with a prayer on it.
Everyone knows that herbal medicines only work if you combine it with a rigorous prayer regimen.
Monks needed accurate clocks to keep track of daily prayer.
Some of the caves served as prayer halls and living quarters for the monks who resided in this religious center.
It is reasonable to suspect that the drug imitates the same altered state as meditation, trance or deep prayer.
Imagine kneeling in prayer as rays of sunlight pour through the opened roof.
He sat behind the wheel and rocked gently in prayer.
The pole-raising ceremony began with a prayer and song.
The dancers' rings of clockwise motion echo spinning prayer wheels.
It is a call to prayer and a call for your blood, and for me a desert road without end.
There was, however, no formal moment of prayer and none of this struck me as inappropriate.
What is surprising is that politicians are not held up nearly enough in prayer.
Many observed the anniversary a year later as a day of fasting and prayer.
Even for those of us who finished high school algebra on a wing and a prayer, there's something compelling about equations.
For instance, prayer gives people a way to think they are helping when they are unable to directly help.
During hypnosis, meditation and many forms of prayer, brain wave frequency lowers.
And if robots fear it, astronauts wouldn't have a prayer.
Spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga and prayer can help us pay attention.
There is some published scientific evidence that distant prayer healing works.
With that and a prayer, the skipper was able to steer the freighter to safety.
The drumming and dancing never stopped, not even for the call to prayer.
In these two last stations, he devoted himself totally to prayer, and watched whole nights in the church.
His life otherwise was study and prayer, in dark rooms, with few visitors.
However many hours were spent in prayer, sensuality was not overlooked, especially in the country houses of the privileged.
Missionaries must live simply, rise early and follow an arduous regimen of prayer, study and accosting strangers.
The place is a premier resource center for the promotion and practice of contemplative prayer and lifestyle.
We didn't know why until he began chanting the call to prayer.
Fire walkers prepare with fasting, prayer, and bathing in the ocean.
Hair caressing a pillow, fingers clutched in prayer, a peering eye.
When at last he bowed, all rose from their benches and left the chapter room for common prayer.
No need to knock on wood, don't stop to say a prayer.
Emphasis on prayer and ecstatic revelatory experiences.
Well, a good start would be demonstrating that intercessory prayer works.
Perhaps he said a prayer for someone who had a particularly bad cold and they recovered.
Once we're in the middle of a bad drought, our leader has a day or prayer.
For example, intercessory prayer has been shown to make no difference to healing.
His only duties: a prayer at the beginning of each day's session.

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