pokey in a sentence

Example sentences for pokey

Adding water isn't a guaranteed cure for a pokey pile, however.
But in order to implement it, they have to get the law to the point where doing so won't get them sent to the pokey.
To be fair, all comments with links are moderated, and sometimes those moderators can be pokey.
Looking back, these homes seem not merely pokey, but chilly and underfurnished.
And your unblinking talking points really grind against that jokey-pokey-two-thumbs-up-wink-smile delivery.
Wholly non-intuitive interface and small, pokey buttons.
Top speed of five frames per second is pokey for the price.
Media will also fill any possible means of communication, from pokey single-bit transmissions to industrial-strength mind melds.
My new-old chair has pokey wheels and mysterious stains and the faint whiff of other people's butts.
In the pokey, they learn that the editor is the real thief and that they really are in prison.
However, having such a pokey slug who magically turns into a speed demon does offer fresh possibilities.
Krogh eventually decided to stop using national security as a shield and pled guilty and went to the pokey.
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