plumb bob in a sentence

Example sentences for plumb bob

The plumb bob accurately transfers measured points above the ground to comparable points on the ground.
The quadrant consisted of a triangular plate, the point of which was fitted with a plumb bob.
Verifies vertical and horizontal alignment of members using plumb bob and level.
The deflection of the vertical is the departure of a plumb bob's actual pointing from the ellipsoidal normal direction.
Utilize plumb bob, gauge line and spirit level to obtain straight courses.
Tilt was first measured by the movement of a suspended plumb bob.
Verifies vertical alignment of posts with plumb bob or spirit level.
The plumb bob is deployed from the helicopter to the surface being measured.
Bore, drill, or auger the borehole as close to vertical as possible and check with a plumb bob or level.
Welds brackets to support rails and framework and verifies alignment with plumb bob and level.
Verifies trueness of buildings or structures with plumb bob and level.
Check line and grade of each pipe length with grade rod and plumb bob.
In addition, a plumb bob was designed that would plug the funnel after all material was placed.
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