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Example sentences for plaid

In handsome, loose swingback topcoats, he combines plaid and plain.
Some things are even worse than plaid with seersucker.
He started the show with three sparkling sequin-paved dresses, but soon moved into the plaid sequence.
The boys will wear dark blue pants, a plaid tie, yellow shirt and blue sweater with white trim.
Made of a rubberized plaid fabric with leather details, the shoulder bag is waterproof and fully lined.
Colors, checks, plaid pants and even backpacks were all super-sized.
Maple syrup production may conjure up rustic visions of burly guys in plaid shirts hauling metal buckets through the woods.
His plaid jacket, after all, was from a thrift store.
Ruddy-cheeked and plaid-clad, he could as easily be out here hunting chukar or mending downed fences.
Wear yours with jeans and boots or add a splash to your accessories with a plaid purse or even patterned shoes.
The trio showed off their own fashion sense in short and long dresses and a snazzy plaid suit.
He is possibly wearing dark colored pants, flannel plaid shirt or jacket and a ball cap with work boots.
The doll's costume is of gray-green alpaca with a plaid taffeta turban.
The pink or blue plaid cloth saddle and rockers are also designed to contrast with the body of the rocking horse.
On their way to pick up plaid tuxedos for their first real gig, a freak accident ended their promising careers too soon.
He was wearing a gray fisherman's hat and, plaid flannel shirt and blue jeans.

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