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Example sentences for pistol

Carrying of pistol or revolver without permit prohibited.
Centerfire pistol, revolver or rifle using expanding-type bullets.
These were not the sort of gun you'd take to the pistol range to practice with, to put it mildly.
Cal has a backward system for issuing concealed pistol licenses.
When the starting pistol fires, sprinters launch into the race with a burst of acceleration.
He showed videos of a calculus textbook stopping a pistol bullet, but not stopping a rifle bullet.
And when he could spy the white of her eye, he made the pistol crack.
He called for fresh chocolate, and next moment heard the report of a pistol.
In other homes some member of the family had bought a new pistol.
The instant of choice had come at last, the pistol was at his head.
He that rides at high speed and with his pistol kills a sparrow flying.
He was also, by the way, a good shot with rifle or pistol.
When he rose, he drew his own pistol, hidden in his pocket.
Yes, he straps on his laser-sighted, hollow-point-bullet-loaded pistol whenever he goes jogging.
Simply try to lift the pistol to the screen and you will have an existential crisis of conscience.
The scene plays in virtual silence, interrupted only by the repeated pistol shots.
He kept his leg by threatening the surgeon with his father's pistol.
He shook his head and walked up to the driver with his hand on his pistol.
They must be euthanized, an act the patrollers do themselves with a pistol.
When sharks are shot point-blank with a pistol, they usually retreat.
Last year he claimed to have shot a coyote with a laser-sighted pistol while jogging.
The officer had not yet taken out his pistol, but he started to cross the road.
With a pistol, and certainly with a rifle, an amateur sniper could have killed several soldiers.
He pulled a pistol and was shot dead, together with an accomplice.
He took out a heavy pistol from the holster on his belt and ostentatiously deposited it in a cupboard beside his desk.
He was accused of illegally possessing a pistol and ammunition.
Then he puts an imaginary pistol to his head and, with a grin, fires it.
He wanted a sweet concealed carry piece, but there was not a single full-power pocket pistol on the market.
He also owns and uses a pistol several times throughout the movie.
At one point a soldier emptied his service pistol over the top of the sandbags because he heard someone on the other side.
Maybe even without a pistol, since he doesn't shoot.
The pistol reportedly fired a pellet unexpectedly and struck the user in the lower leg causing swelling.

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