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This is the pinnacle of his career and he won't win another major.
Surely, we have now reached the pinnacle of human communication.
The Olympics are the pinnacle, and skaters devote their entire lives to those two weeks.
Pure art and music were very important to the Greeks, and some believe it helped raise their civilization to a high pinnacle.
At the pinnacle of these moments, there is a sub-moment.
This recital shows Horowitz at the absolute pinnacle of his technique.
But for envious fellow etymologists it was the pinnacle of his career.
This is education, treat it like the pinnacle of humanity that it is.
He had worn the uniform, known war, and subsequently reached the political pinnacle.
Above them a pinnacle of coral twisted nearly to the surface, lit from behind by the ship's lamps and the moon.
Oddly, the stromatolite mounds sat next to smaller, pinnacle-shaped lumps that researchers had seen in many other lakes.
Much rests on whether the consumer, atop his pinnacle of housing and credit-card debt, will keep up spending.
With this news, our gastronomic-related paranoia reaches its pinnacle.
On the contrary, theory is the pinnacle of scientific method.
After reaching the pinnacle of their careers, being as popular as rock stars, they fall from the spotlight.
His rapid rise to the pinnacle of national politics has left some gaps in his résumé, particularly on national security.
How permanent their place at the pinnacle is in dispute.

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