pillory in a sentence

Example sentences for pillory

Hill intends to put him in a pillory before the public.
His solution is to throttle free trade and pillory efficient retailers that sell cheap imported winter coats.
The world mocks at it and sometimes puts one in the pillory for it.
Then opposition politicians arrived to pillory the state government and pose for photos with farmers.
On the square you'll notice a replica of a pillory and stocks.
And the country's best writers continue to pillory them and hold them to account.
His punishment was a fine or the time in the pillory.
In this session the court created the first acts of authorization for the building of a courthouse, prison and pillory.

Famous quotes containing the word pillory

There was somewhat military in his nature, not to be subdued, always manly and able, but rarely tender, as if he did not... more
You have got to prepare for a lifetime of the pillory, for whatever you do will be seen as wrong by total s... more
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