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She was a pillar of strength and a role model for me as well as many others.
We mourn the loss of our beloved member, devoted supporter, and pillar of strength.
He was a pillar of strength to all who really knew him.
Pillar brings a résumé full of high-profile posts in media.
Of course, the transition from the first to the third pillar cannot happen overnight.
Wooden hammers and stone chisels were used for detail carving before the pillar was finally erected.
Only last year did observations of the first pillar reach the precision needed to cross-check the second one.
Sturdy concrete footing keeps the pillar from toppling.
But the orb was sitting directly ahead of me atop a pillar in the center of a deep square pit.
The pillar palatal implant is a noninvasive surgical treatment for mild-to-moderate sleep apnea and snoring.
Changes to the second pillar are, with one exception, less awkward.
Family is the pillar of society, the driver of the human species.
Lights on the yuccas and pillar candles in aloe vera pots add a warm glow.
Faith in science was a central pillar of that philosophy.
Capital spending, a pillar of the nation's strong economic growth over the last three years, is beginning to fade.
It may have formed when wind and water swept away softer rock around the pillar.
Amid the shaky economy of the last couple of years, housing has emerged as the central pillar of support.
They wanted a strong but flawed executive rather than a weak pillar of virtue, too easily buffeted by the other branches.
Wedge your camera against a wall, the roof of a car, or a concrete pillar to stabilize it.
Pursued by the paparazzi, he lost control, smashing the car into a concrete pillar.
The furniture industry has lost a pillar of our community.
The third pillar is to promote science and technology.
In fact, the industry would argue that it has shown real leadership on this particular pillar of public policy for many years.
But certainly no one has ever traveled so often from pillar to post-from rich aristocrat to disinherited lover.
The modiolus is the conical central axis or pillar of the cochlea.
But it is the third pillar-the proliferation of broadband connections-that has turbocharged it.
But neither undermined a central pillar of the party's and government's own claimed achievements.
The main pillar of the educational project was reciprocity and living together.

Famous quotes containing the word pillar

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The LORD went in front of them in a pillar of cloud by day, to lead them along the way, and in a pill... more
It is told that some divorcees, elated by their freedom, pause on leaving the courthouse to kiss a front pillarmore
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