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The mere words give parents the jitters, which is partly why the college pickup culture has received so much attention.
It is much the same as the kids getting together to play a pickup game of basketball.
Colleges face a challenge to masculinity that bulging muscles, rumbling voices, and jacked-up pickup trucks won't remedy.
We disembark, climb into a pickup truck and bump through scrubby pastureland.
Then a pickup truck blew through a stop sign, totaling our vehicle.
Some will even send a truck for pickup for an additional fee.
Such a pickup is technically called horizontal or lateral gene transfer.
Another setting, sport mode, is better-the pickup is noticeably better.
We got out of the pickup to watch as the steers, increasingly peeved as they realized their fate, were locked into pens.
They were not the sort who played pickup games at the playground every evening.
The streets are lined with palm trees and pickup trucks.
He was driving a pickup truck with white lettering on one side.
Previous performances by this pickup troupe have been well worth seeing, if uneven.
In the distance, he sees five pickup trucks arrayed in a rough circle and some dead bodies lying on the ground.
The side of the mountain had collapsed on the road, partially burying a pickup truck.
His pickup truck, too, has been overturned and burned.
It has several thousand fighters, with nothing heavier than anti-aircraft guns mounted on pickup trucks.
Factories making thirsty pickup trucks are cutting back or closing.
But there is no sign yet of a convincing pickup in tax revenues.
Profit margins are under pressure from high oil prices and, latterly, from a pickup in wage growth.
So the patients have been loaded at the back of a pickup truck for the two-hour journey.
But railroads are lousy at local pickup and delivery.
Because his only experience in basketball had been as a pickup player, he willed himself to become a coach.
To avoid detection, he would sometimes send the convoy ahead and then ride in an old pickup truck driven by one of his commanders.
Many of the vehicles whose sales plunged were large pickup trucks that tend to get poor gas mileage.
Some weighed more than a pickup truck, others a small car.
Visit your city's or county's official website or call for information about municipal curbside pickup.
If curbside pickup is available, request a set of recycling bins.
If curbside pickup is available in your area, request a set of bins, a pickup schedule and any other necessary information.
Dozens of wine and beer bottles beside a fully loaded recycling container await pickup.
Set out cans and bottles for neighborhood pickup, or exchange them for cash at a recycling center.
Place your bins in the designated area, usually on the curb outside your house, on the day of your scheduled recycling pickup.
Follow local directions for municipal garbage pickup of hazardous wastes.
In fact, it's not unusual to see camels themselves transported across the country in the bed of a pickup.
Pickup is usually available the next day, unless you arrive early.
Drop aluminum and steel cans off at a recycling center or leave them out for curbside pickup if your city provides that service.
Without a word, one of them jumped into his pickup truck with a pair of their four bodyguards and sped away.
We hitch a ride in the back of a small pickup driven by a local fisherman, sharing the space with his kids.
The only casualty in our group was when one of the crazier horses collided into the back of a pickup truck.
In fact, the bigger a pickup is, the better it seems to be selling.
Sure, you can throw the ball around with the wee ones or reconnect with that pickup basketball league you've been putting off.
After a few minutes outside, she noticed a pickup truck with people inside, watching her.
Stealth pickup truck camping isn't as mysterious as it sounds.
Here's a pickup that sounds as tough as the police and fire agencies that may buy it.
Ford is claiming victory in the heavy-duty pickup wars.
Your college will undoubtedly provide some easy pickup service, but my advice is, do the things yourself.
Dead animals on private property should be placed at the curb or roadside for pickup.
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