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Summer's not the only time to pickle and preserve in-season ingredients.
Patrons can also order box lunches that include fruit, homemade chips, a pickle and a cookie.
It would probably be similar to tasting pickle juice and cottage cheese.
Gallon-size pickle jars or gallon pitchers work best.
Arguably the best known of these pushcarts wares was the pickle.
Add to this the different voltages required by different machines, and we're left in a pickle.
We would do vodka shots, and chase it with pickle juice from the barrels.
Contestants were to have explained to the audience how they got into a financial pickle.
His travels show him a way to get his job pack at the pickle factory.
The process is similar to that of wine or pickle making.
We really need to get started on this process, before the myriad effects of global warming get us in a real pickle.
We're in a pickle because our official leaves are medical and maternity only.
Is made into mincemeat, makes mincemeat of his money, and is often in a pickle.
He was carrying no identification, so the coroner was in a pickle until he thought of the deceased's iPod.
Brilliant for the obvious reasons, but they even worked a pickle joke in there.
N ow take an odd-shaped pickle jar, candy jar, any kind of jar suitable for a vase.
Dishes included kohlrabi spring rolls, a kohlrabi pickle plate, and even kohlrabi mint juleps.
Generally, it takes three full days to pickle a batch of cabbage.
He works in a pickle factory, a bicycle-parts warehouse, and other busy hives.
Transfer the mixture into a bowl and stir in the onion, the pickle, and pepper to taste.
Hey, and don't forget to send along the recipe for that watermelon pickle.
Add a tablespoon of chopped pickle for sauce vinaigrette.
Vegetarians have a wide selection of rolls available also, with sweet tofu, marinated pickle and yam tempura choices on offer.
The credit rating agencies are in something of a pickle these days.
Widows brought him jars of homemade jam and pickle relish.
Post a sign advising that all pickle cards must be played and redeemed on the premises at the time of sale.
The pickle fork forgings now arrive in the approximate shape of the component so less aluminum is scrapped.
For pickle card licensees only, indicate the location of your designated premises.
Or that its sunscreen overhangs are made from recycled pickle barrels.
The new snack flavors seem to clump around versions of salt and pepper, wasabi and pickle.
If he had gone to a public high school he could have avoided this pickle.
C'mon, stick your head in there so you can see what's lurking behind the pickle jar in the back.
Not only did a pickle star in a new movie, but for the first time ever, the people who make pickles held a formal pickle tasting.

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