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Example sentences for pestilence

They glide down corridors like allegories of pestilence and famine.
Fire, pestilence and greed devoured the people.
In recent months the city has revived its efforts to curb honking, smoking and the pestilence of plastic bags.
In 250, a pestilence began to rage, and made great havoc for several years.
Every few years the city was scourged by a pestilence of yellow fever.
It was a place of such “richness and abundance” that “neither war, pestilence nor oppression could destroy” it.
Everyone must use less water if famine, pestilence and mass migration are not to sweep the globe.
Looked down on by everybody around them, they lived in "Frogtown," near a creek crawling with snakes and flowing with pestilence.
He who desires but acts not, breeds pestilence.
They are a pestilence that cannot be hunted in the densely populated areas they inhabit.
Pestilence loomed if corpses were not put quickly under ground.
The city has served as a refuge for people fleeing persecution, pestilence, and poverty.
There was no security for land property or life, and fever and pestilence raged.
With her one hundred and sixty of her nuns were swept off by the pestilence.
Pestilence was known to have been foreboded by a shower of crimson light.
Drought and plenty, pestilence and health, followed one another.
The saint appointed a public solemn thanksgiving, and three days' prayer for such as had died during the pestilence.
Computer researchers say they are detecting an ominous trend toward programs that mimic pestilence in the physical world.

Famous quotes containing the word pestilence

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