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It takes tactics, persistence, and gradual learining and thats that.
But his persistence seems to have won them over.
Indeed, the persistence of ink on paper is a sort of miracle.
Champions of new inventions display persistence and courage of heroic quality.
Readers with the persistence to finish will learn a great deal.
I'd like to be at high altitudes, looking down, with persistence of vision.
As a dog pursues its tail; with brute persistence.
People did not immediately recognize his talent, but they did notice his persistence.
Absolute notions include the persistence of environment regardless of context.
The experiments required persistence.
But persistence prevailed, and here are the secrets for success.
Thirty volumes and a large number of pamphlets remain to attest the persistence of his efforts.
With effort and persistence someday you will be down here as well.
The persistence here, after more than two centuries, of what can still be described as a thriving waterman culture defies logic.
Its uncanny persistence on the sea's surface, defying the choppiness, is a good omen.
The lyrics aren't specifically about the debt ceiling: they are a declaration of romantic persistence.
Given the conditions, there is nothing surprising about the persistence of a clandestine drug trade in the region.
The cynical explanation for the persistence of the supply-side dogma is that it's simply cover for cutting taxes for the rich.
Joseph teaches about the persistence of faith in a hostile land.
The second discovery was what is called visual persistence.
That's one of their nicest qualities-their brute persistence.
Jerry was angry at their persistence and openly deplored their bad manners.
But the mechanisms of bacterial persistence are becoming clearer, and so are ways to combat the phenomenon.
In one of two locations it has worked, it has not worked consistently or without some cashier persistence.
With persistence and some creative treatments, the thunder in the sky will stop reverberating through the dog.
But what's truly remarkable is the persistence of the earnings gap.
Wade is a politician of persistence without purpose.
The reason for my persistence isn't difficult to explain.
Persistence, though necessary for success and considered a virtue by many, can also have a negative impact on health.
Such persistence is usually interpreted by students of rodent behaviour as evidence of a more positive mood.
Yet the persistence of this pain reflects perhaps the biggest disappointment of the euro's first ten years.
His book requires some persistence and a little skim-reading.
Their persistence, presumably, reflects the vested interests of the people who decided to support them in the first place.
Understandably, such persistence inflamed his critics.
But the persistence of the brutal and dangerous custom, despite an official ban and public-awareness campaigns, is disturbing.
One big reason for populism's persistence is the extreme inequality in the region.
Its key values are persistence, ingenuity and good humour.
For years, scientists struggled to identify an adaptive advantage that might explain schizophrenia's persistence.
But even critics say the persistence of a smell does not invalidate the technology.
But for lactase persistence we've extracted genetic material from ancient remains.
In particular, lactase persistence and varied production of amylase are two well known cases.
Pigmentation, infectious disease resistance, and lactase persistence.
The bottom line is that watching a meteor shower requires patience, persistence and not worrying about exact timing.
Mountainous areas often preserve ethnic and linguistic diversity because the terrain allows for the persistence of local variety.
They dismiss the decades of work and struggle and persistence.
For some blood types, evolution and environmental selective pressures are clearly important for their persistence.
My hat goes off to them for there persistence, daring, humility and caring.
We thought their persistence might plausibly explain why some people are synesthetes.
Cancer stem cells' persistence has given rise to the so-called dandelion theory of cancer treatment.
In any event, the doctors' persistence over the years seems to be working to some extent.
In utter words, you are deserving of great patience and persistence and you got it.
His persistence and the loyalty of one steady customer kept the company afloat.
In fact, the movie wouldn't have been made without her persistence.
Nor was there substantial change in students' persistence in or completion of developmental reading.
His persistence was fueled by a desperate sense that he was suited for only an academic career.
The myth of the writer as solitary genius striving away in the garret has surprising persistence.
His persistence, support, and example reinforced our family commitment to a college education for all.
Some have to do with its lack of relation to persistence toward graduation.
It takes persistence and willingness to try different strategies.
Thus, your persistence will convince him that you are worth the effort.
Persistence, clear goals and focus keep you right on track.
It is a good day to initiate any project that needs long lasting determination and persistence.

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